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AirPods is the preferred brand in the US but not because of the sound quality

AirPods since its launch in 2017 has undoubtedly had a very good acceptance in the various markets because they have expired gradually with different seasons where it was very difficult to get a unit. This has resulted in a A lot of user satisfaction according to has collected a study done in the US, but we have to specify that the sound quality has not been one of the strengths of these headphones to have a good degree of satisfaction.

In this satisfaction ranking led by Apple, smygit has other major brands that also feature wireless headphones. The highlight is that the difference between Apple and the rest of the brands is quite tight, so from the Cupertino company should try to improve this score by offering a better product focuses mainly on the sound quality.

AirPods meets the majority of US users

To give you an idea of ​​the differences in satisfaction that exists, this is the ranking:

  • Apple: 19%
  • Sony: 17%
  • Samsung: 16%
  • Bose: 10%
  • Beats: 6%
  • Sennheiser: 5%
  • LG: 4%
  • Jabra: 2%

Among the users who chose AirPods as preferred wireless headphones 41% marked sound qualityor, this is the least important main reason they highlighted. In this aspect lBose wireless headphones are the best audio quality by more than 70%.

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According to Counterpoint in their study AirPods accounted for 75% of wireless headphone sales in 2018 with about 35 million units sold. If the first generation of this accessory has become so successful, the next renewal of these headphones will surely be much more successful with an expected sale by 2020 by 129 million units.

In order to succeed with this second generation in this report, it is detailed that must improve integration with voice assistants since these assistants will undoubtedly participate actively in users' daily lives and in the most daily tasks. Now there is a problem that arises, we use our units to make a question and that is why we should improve the integration of our headphones with voice assistants.

Therefore, AirPods must improve their sound quality in a second generation, in addition to incorporating functions that are as important as the call of Siri through a voice command. If it is true that comparing some AirPods with Bose is fairly unfair based on the price difference but if Apple is to release headphones headphones, we have no doubt that we will have an incredible sound quality.

Leave us in the comment field what do you think about this study, which wireless headphones are best for you?

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