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A young man of 21 years needs "genetic twin" to cure rare diseases

Esteban Corrales diagnosed at six months of age with chronic granulomatous disease. The rare genetic disorder is that neutrophils do not fulfill their function, it can only be treated by a transplantation of blood stem cells.

The doctors managed to keep the disease under control, but for three years the young man, who is now 21, began to become complicated and Today he is in a critical situation. Because none of his brothers are compatible with him, his doctor started one search for an unrelated donor It has not been successful.

To increase the chances of both Esteban and the patients who are in your situation, find your "genetic twin", the young man's family and the DKMS foundation launched a campaign register of potential donors of blood stem cells.

The registration initiative will be executed next time Saturday July 6th between 10am and 4pm at the Polytechnic School Domingo Matte Mesías from Puente Alto.

For those who cannot participate, they can also register on the foundation's website and receive their registration kit in their homes.

The younger brother of Esteban, 11, has the same disease but doctors managed to find a donor in the United States.

"I am very happy that my brother today has this opportunity because he is a child, he has his whole life in front of him. I hope to have the same happiness and that a donor that is compatible with me works, says Esteban.

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