Saturday , September 25 2021

A purebred All Blacks

For Chile, it's not just a party, or a visit that should be overlooked. Next Saturday, San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium will leave football for a moment to focus on rugby. XV Condors will get Maori All Blacks, the ethnic team in New Zealand, where the oval game is part of the identity of the oceanic country.

Although it is not the first national team, All Blacks, is a team that can be planted on a superior level before many rivals, as it did before the United States World Cup, which shattered 59-22 to 30,000 people in Chicago on November 3. Or to say Brazil, at this point on the same level as Chile, who fell 3-35 in Sao Paulo before these men in black who can not play official games are just friendly.

The definition of this fifteen is simple: it only collects players belonging to one of the claws of the Maori ethnic group, something that only in Chile may be from Mapuche descent.

Maori All Blacks is a team of rich tradition and history. Issued in 1888 under the name New Zealand Natives team, in 1910 they were renamed as they are known today. It was the ones who performed the traditional Haka for the first time, as it is a war war that represents the oldest Maori tradition, which formed the present New Zealand with its polynesian influence.

For this reason, dawn from Monday to Monday was also received at the Santiago airport by a delegation of mapuche comuneros, who greeted one to one for rugby and asked the ancestors' spirits so that they had a good passport in Chile, in addition to showing them costumes and instruments like are typical of the Araucanian culture.

After leaving for the trip, which arrived three hours late from Brazil, Maori All Blacks had his first training. It was open to the public and in the main course at the military school, where one hundred children and young members of the rugby builders from different schools in Santiago arrived.

The exercise was smooth, an exhibition to get rid of the flight and have the first contact with the Chilean public. When the oval stopped moving, the players contacted the people to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

Saturday will also be an opportunity to see what level Condors is. Diagnosis becomes more important than the result. So, also, the president of the Rugby Federation, Jorge Araya, believes. "It's very important that a team at that level make a tour here. We hope to generate more competition for our players who deliver their own high-performance," said the boss.

Comparative levels, Maori are all professional and it is traditional that many people in any way integrate All Blacks, such as with Nehe Milner-Shoots (World Champions in England 2015 and Writers for Six Attempts at the Time) to participate in this tour, but injured an axis against Japan, who just played for the senior team.
In the fifteen Chilean rents are just a handful. "This is an unprecedented challenge and a dream for the players," explains Araya, hoping to win rub, because if it's about points, the winner is announced on Saturday.

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