Friday , December 3 2021

A man contracted a serious lung infection by smelling his socks!


Every night, A man in China smelled his socks when he came back from work and before he slept. Without imagining it could have cost him his life.

According to Shangaiist, website that covers celebrity's current man He drew a serious lung infection from smelling his socksbecause the clothes were infected by a fungus infected with the lungs of the man when they sniffed them.

Moreover, The immune system of the man was weakened due to lack of sleep as she took care of a baby at night.

The man was admitted to an emergency room at a hospital in Zhangzhou, China, there The doctors confirmed the infection through an X-ray. He has already received treatment.

Foot fungus is a common problem in men and women of all ages. They usually occur between the fingers, on the foot sole or at the edges, like nails. Some of the symptoms are burning, red and crisp skin, pruritus and bad smell.

It is common to have fungus when walking barefoot or with open footwear on wet surfaces, especially in public places such as swimming pools, changing rooms or showers. The immune system affects the appearance of this problem, not only in the feet but on other parts of the body.

Changes in the endocrine or metabolic system, such as diabetes, can also be a factor in the development of mycosis. The treatment consists of applying current creams or taking antifungal drugs (against fungi) orally.

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