Friday , December 3 2021

A Facebook bug was exposed to up to 6.8 million users without sharing photos


Through its official blog, Facebook revealed that in September, the service has again exposed information to users, this time for a bug in your photo API.

This error, which was Valid for 12 days from 13 to 25 September, allows third party applications to gain more access than allowed to take pictures from 6.8 million people, according to company estimates.

According to Facebook, this problem caused some applications, previously authorized by users to run their social networking account, access to "other pictures, such as those shared on the marketplace or Facebook stories ". Publications not included in the photos that users agree to share in the User Policy for non-Facebook apps.

But that's not the most serious issue, because Facebook warns it "The error also affected the pictures that people posted on Facebook but chose not to post." Yes, the pictures you repented did not share forever.

According to the company, "if someone uploads a photo on Facebook, but does not stop publishing it, maybe because he lost the reception or entered a meeting, We'll save a copy of that photo for three days to get it when he returns to the application to complete his post. " A point that the bug has exactly access to.

Facebook pointed to the TechCrunch website that solved the problem on September 25th and the bug It would not have affected the pictures in your messaging application, Messenger.

But at least, the company has said it intends to notify users who may be affected by this error to visit the social network Help Center to identify if they used any application affected by the error.

A process that will look like this according to Facebook.

Facebook revealed it 1,500 applications created by 86 developers were involved in this problem. A scandal that could be sanctioned by the general data protection regulation in Europe (GDPR), in the light of the company's delayed information, according to whichThese types of problems should be announced in 72 hours.

But Facebook told TechCrunch that it informed the device about the established period.

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