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6 widespread myths about exercise and fat loss

Many are waiting for the summer to show not only The physical progress of your workouts, but to use free time for increase physical activity and the exercise, do more to notice.

Although there are times when the work does not look as much as you want. Can you do something wrong? We talk to the high-performance athlete and health coach Miguel Camarena, who helps us to dismantle Myths about exercise and fat loss.

To make crunches you can get rid of abdominal fat

"I'm sorry to tell you that You cannot eliminate fat in a localized way. Strengthening the abdominal muscles properly will strengthen and grow, but it will not serve to get rid of the fat that covers it, ”he says.

The more heart better losing body fat

"It's true that cardiovascular exercise (running, jumping rope, cycling), helping to consume calories, but if you pass, if you make a continuous effort for a long time, cortisol will increase a lot. That increase causes a hormonal imbalance between testosterone and cortisol, what does your rebellious fat does not disappear. Prolonged continuous cardio also benefits the loss of muscle mass, "he adds.

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Strength training and cardiovascular exercise will be the key to losing fat.

You start burning fat after 40 minutes of aerobic activity

"This is one of the most repeated myths, and it is false. I will explain it in a simple way: the body, to get energy, uses reserves of fat or glucose as we have (it always uses both fuels, but in larger or smaller percentages, depending on activity). There are also cases where you get energy from other sources, for example phosphocreatine, but I don't want to get involved, he explains to Deporte y Vida.

"According to the type of activity, The body consumes a higher proportion of glucose or fat. To perform a business like cDriving at a slow pace means that a larger proportion of the energy consumed comes from the fat reserves, but if you have eaten more at the end of the day than you have spent, you will lose weight. However, if you have eaten less, even if you have done a weight training where your body has received the highest percentage of glucose energy, you will lose weight.The important thing is the energy loss at the end of the day! ", highlights.

"The birth of this myth is to, When you have done an aerobic activity for more than 30 minutes, the body gets energy in a higher proportion of the fat and lower in the glucose, " indicates Camarena.

The best thing to lose fat is to run long

"Losing body fat combines perfect exercise with load and high intensity cardiovascular exercise (HIIT type), maintain a high daily physical activity, as it may be walk between 10 and 15 km daily"Indicates.

"Of course, if you like to run, do it, but don't stop doing it training with loads and high intensity (HIIT). As I told you some myths above, running long causes cortisol to rise, which goes against our goal", he reminds us.

When you stop exercising with weights, the muscle you have got thick

"This is completely wrong, because There is no process in the human body that causes the muscle to become fat. What can happen, if you stop exercising with loads and start eating more, is it lose muscle mass on one side and get obesity on the other"effects.

It is better to perform many repetitions with little weight in the gym to lose fat

"Performing 10 sets of 100 repetitions from the milestone to the 5kg chest doesn't make you burn fat, it's another myth. It is much better to perform 10 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions with a weight that allows to make at most one or two repetitions. It is also important the time when we are under muscle tension, that is, the seconds each repetition lasts, clarify.

Type of exercise to lose fat

  • Good planning that includes Weight Training (which may be of own body weight or external weight, such as dumbbells or machines) and cardiovascular exercise.
  • EHIIT high-intensity exercises (only for people who have done cardiovascular training for a while and can move to a higher level).
  • Maintain an active lifestyle (gives at least 10,000 steps every day) and moves as much as possible every day. Even if you exercise one hour a day, if you are the other 23 in an armchair, you will not be able to health or lose fat easily.
  • Finally losing fat, it is very important that there is an energy lossThat is, you eat fewer calories than you need, and these come from healthy foods. Thus, your body can use your fat reserves as an energy source.

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