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5 tips for increasing milk production

April 15, 2019 21:30.

the breast milk It is important for feeding a newborn baby, not only because it provides different nutritional benefits, but also for breast-feeding an unbroken bond between mother and child is created.

These would be the main reasons, for specialists to recommend giving this unique food Mandatory during the first 6 months.

However, some mothers do not produce the desired amount of milk to feed them babyso it will be a difficult task to meet and they decide to abandon breast-feeding.

The specialist and obstetrician and the supervisor of the maternity maternity leave network, Josselyn Marine, gives five tips so that mothers do not abandon the breastfeeding process and forget about the uncomfortable trouble of breastfeeding newborn.

1.- Stimulate the nipples

It is recommended to perform breast massage during pregnancy. However, it does not guarantee that milk production will increase, as the female body can prepare for breastfeeding and generate the necessary amount.

2.- Suction

Stimulate the aspiration of the newborn. Or use a breast pump.

3.- Correct position

It is recommended to have a correct position during breastfeeding of newborns, as the cracks in the nipples are often caused by poor positioning of the baby. In this regard, the specialist explains how to adapt to the child: "The right way is that the child should be close to the mother, with nothing to interrupt her proximity, the child's face looks at the breast, a good reference is to adjust the nose and the nipple should the child's body lined up in the ear-shoulder, this position allows the baby to smell, take back his head, open his mouth and return to his chest by taking a large portion of his chest in his mouth.

4.- Hydrated breast

To increase milk production, it is important that the mother is hydrated, so it is recommended that she drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices.

5. Link

It is recommended that the mother create a connection to newborns. This is achieved by a good coupling of the baby to the chest so that he can reach the chest. When this is achieved, it will be verified that it is a comfortable result for the mother, so it will not hurt.

It should be noted that Matern, Peruvian business executives in the manufacture and marketing of products for mothers and infants, opened the first breastfeeding room with permanent advice in the city Trujillo.

This space is exclusively for the use of mothers with children in the breastfeeding phase and the main goal is to strengthen the bonding between the mother and the baby, which increases binding and safety through breastfeeding.

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