Sunday , January 17 2021

400 stores in Chile announce their participation in Black Friday before Christmas | Economy

This Friday the traditional Black Friday in the US opens the day for the Christmas trading season with deep discounts.

Many local businesses have joined the celebration this year by preparing offers to anticipate Christmas presents, the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS) indicated.

For this reason, the union reported that it implemented the website with the information about its member companies that will participate in the event from this date. Friday 27 November.

So far, the official website 400 stores organized in 20 categories, the majority of participants in CCS’s cyber events, including 25 SMEs from regions through their respective local chambers of commerce.

As it is an informative website, participants have no restrictions on the duration or start date of their campaigns, and the majority are expected to leave this Friday and do so. spread at least over the weekend.

“This site is informative and will focus on helping consumers find the best opportunities in stores supported by the seriousness, good practice and safety in the community of CCS partners and other regional chambers of commerce. “Said the house.

In the same way as what happens during the cyber events organized by the department, the site will publish logos for the participating stores, with links to their websites and necessary information for consumers.

As this is the first time that an official CCS website has formally organized companies running individual campaigns around Black Friday, the House expects it to be an “informed and safe process for both consumers and businesses, and in this way help to provide insight into the event and improve the shopping experience ”.

The above will be particularly relevant this year, given the extraordinary circumstances in which trade is facing this period, with partial openings, capacity constraints and demanding sanitary measures.

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