Friday , December 3 2021

14 years later, World of Warcraft adds a drink to understand the opposite fraction. It costs 30 gold and lasts for one hour


What's that Horde and Alliance They were convicted of not understanding each other in World of Warcraft and it's history. At least, on paper. And the solution is again in alchemy.

Since last week, adjustments have been made liver in World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth. A series of fixes where they solve some of the detected issues. And, utilize the process, Fizzi Cascahigados He has finished his last drink: the elixir of the language.


Through the game notes Blizzard himself indicates that this potion, whose effect is to allow players to understand the opposite fraction, is already for sale in Dalaran's underground.

Players can now buy the language elixir from Fizzi Cascahigados. Use and application of potion will allow players to understand the opposite fraction.

We can say it's a Christmas gift, if there were not two conditions:

  • On one hand there is a time limit, so that when we take Elixir its effect will be an hour. Although there is always the possibility of using a second elixir. As an illustration, you can take up to 200 (more than eight days).
  • On the other hand, we can understand the players in the opposite fraction, but they did not us. In this case, the solution is that they also use the potion.

But the most curious of everything is that as indicated on Twitter Jeremy Feasel, designer of World of Warcraft, this recipe has always been there, just it had not been activated until now.

Funny fact: The language elixir has been in the game since [WOW] classic, an old alchemy recipe that had never worked. Until today, the text in the description stated that "this potion has no effect until we add the languages.

The answer from World of Warcraft players? This news has been held half-heartedly, as it can be seen in the forum, its value in game currency (28 gold coins) is huge for the effect it produces. Others directly believe that this effect should be free.


That way Blizzard is asked adjust the price of this potion, although most veteran players consider paying 5000 gold pieces to have an unbroken week with this effect is a reasonable cost.

It seems that even if you speak the same language, the players themselves can fully understand each other.

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