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Young and Troubled Recovery: Adam's Memory Returns After Surgery

At Sharon's house she hears a shot and screams, "Adam!"

At the clothing house, Adam falls to the floor after being shot. Sharon arrives, tells Adam not to try to talk, then asks for help before asking to please hang on.

In his suite, Phylli's types on his laptop on a June launch, then comes the summer. Phyllis closes the laptop. Summer hates the tension between them and hates Jack planning an accessory lead – how can she do it for her? Phyllis says, "Come work with me." They are debating. The summer feels manipulated and Phyllis insists that she will never be well-known at Jabot – even Ashley couldn't make it work.Phyllis upset at young and restless Summer believes that Phyllis' obsession with revenge on the abbots is unhealthy. Phyllis hollers about those who shoot her when they all did a lot worse. Phyllis tells the summer that she destroyed her plans by drawing her out to Jack, but later she launches her website. In another suite, Billy and Victoria stop having sex and breathless express how much they have missed each other. Victoria must go to work before Victor gives Adam his office. Billy doubts he will stick. Vikki asks, "If he does?" Warns Billy, "Don't trust him."

At Crimson Lights, Mia and Arturo tell Lola and Rey that they have come to say goodbye. Mia thanks them for not sending her to prison, and they do not want to share bad conditions.Mia Arturo farewell to young and restless Rey gets up and Lola takes him aside to ask him to become the larger man for Arturo. Rey tells Arturo everything he ever wanted to be because he would be happy – both of them. They want it for him too. Rey pulls Arturo into a man's hug. Then Lola Arturo hugs and warns Mia not to shit her brother. She wants constant baby updates. Lola is crying as they go.

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Adam rolled into the hospital and Paul approached Sharon and marveled that it was true; Adam's living Sharon wants it to stay that way. Victor appears and Sharon updates him. Victor asks his son not to die because he has been taken to surgery.

At Nick's place he gets a text from Victor to call – it's urgent.

In the club package, Victoria gets an urgent message from Victor. Billy leaves, and Victoria calls her father and learns that Adam was shot.

In the hospital, Victor wonders what did it for his son. Sharon answers Paul's questions about the scene and is surprised when he is skeptical of her account. Victor asks Paul to stop hearing Sharon, and she thanks him. Nick and Victoria arrive. Victor gets annoyed and looks sad when Nick snores about the upheaval that Adam caused. Nick recommends Sharon to leave Adam just as Nate shows and updates them – Adam will be fine. Victor waits until he wakes up.

At Jabot, Kyle and Jack admire the new Jabot Collective logo. Jack talks about the subject if they use Kyle skills in the best way. Cool characters Summer is behind this. Billy turns in and announces that Adam is alive.Jack learns that Adam lives on young and restless Jack rolls and wants to see him. Billy scoffs that he claims he has amnesia. Jack and Billy argue for their different views on Adam. Afterwards, Kyle complains to Jack about demotivating him – he thought he was going to move the summer. Jack says it will give him more time with Lola. Summer arrives and Kyle snarks that she got what she wanted – they are no longer a team. He is sorry for what he put her through, and she admits that he never lied about his feelings for Lola. Kyle is sure she finds her person. Summer goes to Jack and warns him about Phylli's mindset.

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Paul and the detective investigate at the clothing house. Paul feels his best chance of finding the shooter is Adam – if he does. Paul locates the money – it wasn't a robbery, Adam was clearly the target.

At Sharon's place, she teaches Rey that she is worried about Adam and who shot him. Rey wishes he was still on the force. He tells Sharon that he has filed for divorce and is ready for a new chapter … with her.

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At the coffee room Victoria and Nick discuss giving Adam another chance. Billy arrives and is worried to hear that Adam was shot. Nick asks if there is any chance he put bullet in Adam. Victoria sighs that Billy was with her. Billy asks if Nick has an alibi. He was with a Christian. Vikki believes Adam gives another chance, but Billy warns that it will only get worse. Inside, Lola lyrics Kyle for emotional support after Arturo and Mia have left. He is already there and keeps her.

In Adam's hospital room, Victor shocks and tells his son that he is a struggling Newman. He is happy that he is at home and promises to keep him safe. Adam comes in, opens his eyes and says, "Dad?"

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