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Toronto Maple Leafs will try to sign Ben Hutton

Toronto Maple Leafs is rumored to be interested in signing Ben Hutton.

According to the sports net Elliott Friedman, the Toronto Maple Leafs will make an effort to look up their blue line by signing defense man Ben Hutton.

Ben Hutton is 26 years old and has played his entire four-year career with Vancouver Canucks.

Hutton was a fifth round in 2012.

Toronto Maple Leafs and Ben Hutton

Ben Hutton, according to Friedman, is a player whom Leafs tried to trade before he was cut off by Canucks.

Hutton did not receive a qualified offer last week, and he is now an unlimited free agent.

Hutton had a strong 25 points as a rookie, but hasn't matched that sum since.

It's hard to understand why the Toronto Maple Leafs would be interested in this player at all. For his career, Hutton has had negative differences in shooting attempts, shots, scoring chances and goals. (

If you use charts, Ben Hutton looks like he's hurting his team, not helping it. It is easy to assume that because Canucks lowers him, it loosens what automatically makes him a good player (because Canucks is a bad joke of a team that has the league's worst general manager) but in this case it seems as if they were correct.

I guess if the sheets were to get Hutton for a million or less, he would be a decent enough deep option. It really makes no sense that the leaves are interested in Hutton, but maybe they see something in him that I do not.

If anything is the most interesting here, that Hutton is a left, as well as almost all players that Leafs have been linked to this summer.

Toronto Maple Leafs are rumored to have asked about trading for Jaccob Slavin and Darnell Nurse – both are left-handed.

They are said to prefer to take back Jake Gardiner's left handed, and we know that during the winter they were for Jake Muzzin and not Radko Gudas or Nick Jenson.

It is interesting that the leaves do not seem to care about which hand a defenseman shot with, while the media constantly talk about how they absolutely need the right hand.

I also find it strange that no one talked about right defenders ten years ago – it seems to be a new thing that people just started to care about. Like most things, the reality is that it doesn't matter as much as hype.

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A team that needs right-handed should still choose the best player available regardless of how he kicks. The media may not understand this, but it's nice to know that the Toronto Maple Leafs do.

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