Friday , December 3 2021

Tilray® signs global collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies


NANAIMO, British Columbia – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Tilray Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY), a global
pioneering in the production, research and distribution of medical
cannabis, announced today that it was a global framework
agreement ("framework agreement") to cooperate with Sandoz AG, a
global leader in generic drugs and biosimilarer and part of
Novartis Group, to increase access to high-quality medical
cannabis products worldwide.

A development of an existing alliance between Tilray and Sandoz Canada,
The framework agreement represents the two companies' intentions
to act jointly in jurisdictions where cannabis is or will be
approved for medical purposes.

Tilray, a global pioneer in medical cannabis, has products available in
twelve countries and operations in Australia and New Zealand, Canada,
Germany, Latin America and Portugal. The agreement is based on Tilray's
groundbreaking track record that a company is committed to making
pharmaceutical cannabis products of pharmaceutical grade available to patients
In need. Tilray was the first licensed medical cannabis producer in
North America to get current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
certification in accordance with the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

"This agreement represents an important milestone in the movement to provide
Access to safe, GMP-certified medical cannabis for patients in need
worldwide, "says Brendan Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer Tilray.
"Tilray is a global company and we are proud to build on our success
and momentum from our existing deal with Sandoz Canada by taking
our partnership globally. Sandoz AG will be a valuable partner when we work
together to improve access to high quality medical cannabis
products in countries around the world. "

The framework agreement describes the opportunities for companies to
agrees to cooperate in various forms:

  • Sandoz AG can support the global commercialization of Tilray's
    non-smokeless / non-combustible medical cannabis products;

  • Tilray and Sandoz AG may brand certain non-smokeless / non-combustible

  • Tilray can deliver non-smokable / non-combustible medical cannabis
    products and license rights to and from Sandoz AG in relation to such
    Products; Both companies can also work together to make use of the best in the class
    knowledge to educate pharmacists and doctors about medical cannabis

  • Tilray and Sandoz AG can collaborate to develop new innovative medical
    cannabis products.

About Tilray®

Tilray is
a global pioneer in research, cultivation, production and
distribution of cannabis and cannabinoids currently serving dozens
of thousands of patients in twelve countries spanning five continents.

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November 14, 2018, for a discussion of the essential risk factors such as
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current securities legislation.

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