Monday , December 6 2021

The update of Windows October 10, 2018 is now fully available for "advanced" users


Who does not love any new windows?
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The update of Windows October 10, 2018, version 1809, continues to be slipped out of the door. While the data loss error that saw it released completely stopped has been resolved, other blocking issues have limited extension. So far, it has only been available to those who manually check Windows Update for updates, and even there, Microsoft has limited the speed at which it is being distributed.

This special speed shock has now been removed, and manual checking of updates is now uncleaned. This means that a manual check for updates will kick off the update process as long as your system is not actively blacklisted (and there are some incompatibilities that may mean it may be).

Microsoft says this upgrade path is for "advanced" users. Everyone else should wait for fully automatic deployment, which does not seem to have begun yet. It will have its own set of gases and maybe even new blacklists if additional problems are detected. A number of remaining compatibility issues are more likely to meet business users, as they include company VPN and security programs. Companies must apply the relevant third-party software correction files before they can roll out the Windows 10 update.

The problems with this release mean that it looks the slowest deployment of a Windows 10 feature update for a long time, which comes after its predecessor, version 1803, was one of the fastest ones used. Even it took about three months before Microsoft removed the last of the gases and drove it out to everyone. In view of the problems surrounding version 1809, we expect the company to continue to be preliminary and delete the precautionary page.

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