Monday , December 6 2021

The TESLA driver tries and does not think of a fire truck at the gas station as spectators laugh (VIDEO) – RT USA News


The electric car revolution will always encounter some bumps along the way along the road, but a driver filmed almost at her joke, the moments of disaster try to fuel Tesla.

The video, filmed in the United States, shows the aforementioned woman who desperately tries to fill his Tesla with gasoline. Most petrol stations in the US are self-service, and the station's staff did not seem to see the potentially explosive filling a few meters away. Teslas's entire fleet of vehicles is only electric.

The video has already racked up an impressive 11 million views since it was released on Saturday.

Now you could forgive the confused motorist a little, because hybrid cars predicted the entire electric Tesla fleet. But judging by the online reaction, many envious of the woman's apparent wealth were more than understanding her confusion.

The Tesla driver is getting more frustrated when she searches for the fuel tank on the outside of the electric car.

When she eventually finds the electric charging port and tries to put the fuel pump in it, one intervenes to put her out of her misery. The two share a laugh and partial way.

Others questioned the authenticity of the video.

Several other users were clearly more sympathetic to the confused woman.

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