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"The Sandman" Series Order on Netflix: Neil Gaiman TV Show Adaptation

At last, Hollywood is ready to pound some Sandman.

Netflix is ​​approaching an agreement with Warner Bros. TV to adapt what is probably considered Neil Gaiman's most beloved comic book opus, TVLine has learned.

The DC Comics property has been deepened in development hell for decades (yes decades) multiple). The study's (unsuccessful) attempt to get a film fit from the ground goes back to the 1990s. "I'd rather see no Sandman movie made than a bad one Sandman film, "Gaiman told fans at Comic-Con 2007, before adding:" But I feel like the time for a Sandman the movie is coming soon. We need someone who has the same obsession with the source material that Peter Jackson had Lord of the Rings or Sam Raimi was with Spiderman. "

The focus on recent years has shifted to a possible TV adaptation, largely because of Gaiman's explosive presence on the small screen, which includes American Gods (on Starz), Good Omens (on Amazon) and Sandman-by-product devil (into his last season on, temporarily enough, Netflix).

Sandman, That stretched over 75 questions (1989-1996), concentrating on Dream (also known as Morpheus), an old, powerful who is the pursuit of dream and imagination. The dream is one of Endless, a set of seven siblings that includes Delirium, Desire, Destruction, Despair, Destiny and Death. Gaiman's comic book series begins when Dream is mistakenly captured, flees after 70 years and then has to go about recovering its reign.

Allan Heinberg (Catch, Gray Anatomy) will write and act as showrunner on the series, per Hollywood Reporter. Gaiman and David Goyer (Constantine, Looking ahead) will produce.

Netflix and Warner Bros. TV refused to comment on the potential serial order.

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