Friday , December 3 2021

The hearing of Saint John Harbor election results ceased over alleged irregularities


A court hearing on alleged voicemail in the riots of Saint John Harbor suddenly ended on charges of accusation as the lawyer representing the progressive conservative candidate Barry Ogden failed to disclose that he received privileged actions in connection with the case.

Val New Brunswick lawyer Fred McElman claims that Kelly VanBuskirk had possession of notes prepared for the province's team team and "used" the information, which he claims violates the New Brunswick Code of Conduct.

McElman asked VanBuskirk and his company, Lawson Creamer, to be removed from the case.

VanBuskirk claimed that the information should be published in the interests of openness and justice against Ogden and Gerry Lowe, the liberal candidate who won 10 rally in September. 24 provincial elections.

"This information seems to be important to the public interest," he told the court of the Queen's bench.

Saint John Harbor was the closest contest in the province and became central to the fight against power between the computers and the liberal. Neither party won the 25 seats required for a majority in the 49-seat legislature.

A vote tells on October 4, confirmed Ogden lost, but his team team is now trying to get the election results wrong.

VanBuskirk had allegedly elected ballroom officials in the hot-contested horseback violation violated by recording 40 voter identification numbers twice in voting logs.

The court was expected to hear testimony Wednesday from Patti Nason, a long-term commander.

But Justice Hugh McLellan interrupted the hearing until Friday at 9:00 to give VanBuskirk time to respond to McElman's proposal that he should be distant.

VanBuskirk refused to comment outside the house of tents.

The lawyer representing elections New Brunswick says that Kelly VanBuskirk, pictured, should be removed from the case of alleged irregularities. (Brian Chisholm / CBC)

The current document "contains information to advise me", told McElman before the court and noted the bottom of each page state "prepared for use by ENB attorney".

According to the Code of Conduct, when a lawyer is in possession of "a document or matter that the lawyer has or ought to have reasonable grounds for believing in or intended for another person", he or she must stop reading the material, return it and clear any copies .

VanBuskirk "refused to tell me how he got this document" and declined when asked to return, McElman said.

The document was handed over to the province's team 10 minutes before the hearing was scheduled to begin, he said.

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