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Tesla Model 3 Convenient for almost 7 feet long NBA players – #CleanTechnica Interview



published on December 15, 2018 |
by Jake Richardson

December 15, 2018 of Jake Richardson

Matt Bullard won an NBA championship with Houston Rockets in the 1993-1994 season. The 6 "10" forward played in the NBA for 11 years, spending most of his career with Rockets, where he set season franchise record for 3-point shooting at .446. He also had stints in Charlotte and Atlanta. Today he is a broadcast analyst covering Houston Rockets and NBA. He also represented USA at Team USA 4 times while attending college, "won 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals for USA Basketball in international competitions around the world."

At almost 7 meters, Bullard seems to be an unlikely candidate to fit into a Tesla Model 3, but he makes and likes the vehicle a lot. Bullard answered some questions about his model 3 for Clean Technica.

You are almost 7 meters long – how good are you in your model 3, and have you taken any road trips yet?

I fits Model 3 better than I do in Model S or Model X. The cross piece in the ceiling is further behind my head in model 3. My head touches the cross section of S and X. I probably have the headroom in 3 to wear a helmet and plan to Do it on a track sometime soon.

At almost 7 meters, I do not fit comfortably in many cars, Model 3 is the most comfortable car I've ever owned. The amount of space in 3 is impressive and the places are incredibly comfortable.

I have not taken any road trips yet. But the autopilot has been a game changer for my 80-mile round trip. Now I come to work freshly and relaxed. The drive home after work is now a calm experience, rather than emptiness for every last bit of energy.

In the video you said you waited 2.5 years to get your model 3, and when you got there the car was better than you expected. What's better with that?

I have owned some cars that had adaptive cruise control and they were underwhelming at best. Jerky and not smooth at all. So when I was waiting for my model 3, I tried to temper my expectations of what I had already experienced. Model 3 is a huge step forward in automated driving. It's much softer than I expected and continues to improve with each software update.

The dramatic full throttle acceleration still makes me giggle every time I have enough open path to release the hammer.

You also mentioned that Model 3 has more headroom than S, so you fit more comfortably in 3 than S? Did you also drive an X?

I drove both an S and an X. I was thinking maybe leasing one of them while I was waiting for my Model 3. In the end, I decided to just wait for Model 3 and I'm very glad I did. It suits me perfectly.

Why were you interested in a Tesla Model 3 instead of the other cars on the market?

I saw Model 3 as the tip of Tesla in particular and electric cars in general and I wanted to help push us past the tip by buying one.

How long have you been interested in Teslas, and how did you first hear about the company and its vehicles?

I have always been a car guy and I pay attention to the global car market and what products are out there. When I first learned about Tesla cars I was excited about them. Then I hired a Tesla S for one day and fell in love. The driving dynamics of an electric car with instant torque and outstanding power is something that really appeals to me as a driver. Autopilot really appeals to a commuter in a big city with heavy traffic.

How important is it for you to drive an all-electric vehicle that does not have emissions from the exhaust pipe?

I am aware of the positive environmental impact of the electric cars. It is imperative that we spend ourselves away from carbon dioxide emissions and I hope my proponent for Tesla cars will help drive us towards a sustainable future. Solar panels and a Powerwall are on my agenda.

How many miles have you driven your model 3 and what is your impression so far?

I have driven 4000 miles so far and I will never buy another combustion car again. There is such a clear step forward in the automotive industry. And continue to improve through software updates.

What other vehicles do you own?

My wife runs a Porsche Macan. Although it is left in the garage much more than it used to. Driving it after driving model 3 is like taking a step backwards. It's a great car, but it's unambiguously old technology now. It will be replaced by a model X someday. Or in my dreams, a roadster.

Will you eventually only have electric cars?

My family definitely switches to all-electric transport as quickly as possible.

When did you start to have a strong personal contact with nature and nature?

I have always had outdoor sports, snow skiing, water skiing and surfing. I'm always happier when I'm out and have fun. The connection I feel with modern nature is very important to me. I want to keep it for generations that follow.

How important is it that your children understand what sustainable transport is?

My children are now in the 20's and make their own way of life. But I have educated them about what has happened to our environment and they are on board with sustainability. In fact, my son is working on Tesla. It's so cool that he works for a company on the cutting edge of technology and then learns all about it.

Do you see other NBA players who buy Teslas?

Tesla Model X is the new car "Baller". It will be quite popular around the league and I see a bit of incredibly cool wraps in the NBA arena parking lots.

My colleague and former teammate, Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler, have just bought a model X P100D. He loves it so much that he does not run his Rolls Royce anymore.

Image Credit: Matt Bullard

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