Thursday , October 28 2021

Super agent Boras hammers Blue Jays for their "Blue Flu"


CARLSBAD, Calif. "The most powerful player agent in Baseball, Scott Boras, went throughout the birdhood scene during his annual media session at the General Managers' Meetings on Wednesday, placing Blue Jays in her cross hair and criticizing the organization for how it has done business.
As he has done earlier, Boras's MLB team ended up believing he did not make enough (in his eyes) to win – that is, spending a lot of money – and severely criticized teams that he believes have wrongly begun a rebuild / refueling route , as he says has pushed away fans. Jays had the sharpest fall in the presence of all teams in the last season.
"Baseball fans have clearly rejected the voluntary approach that owners have made where they are not competitive," says Boras, who expects Jays to start Aaron Sanchez as one of his customers. "We have 17 teams in baseball where the attendance has dropped – 17 out of 30. We have six venues where they had the lowest attendance of their stadium history. We had a total decline in attendance of about 4%. Now, some of the things we heard if this was due to weather, but the two biggest drops in attendance, in over 800,000 fans, have been in domed stadiums – Toronto and Miami. "
Boras described how a team accepts mediocrity in MLB as "the competitive cancer that dominated our game" in 2018. Again, he addressed his anger against the Blue Jays organization.
"Toronto is a wonderful city, it has been a good franchise, they have attracted over three million fans, but they have lost almost a third of their fan base due to the" blue flu "to not get attractive players that fans find interesting to his market, he said.
Jays pulled 3,203,886 fans to Rogers Center in the 2017 season (after two consecutive seasons to make playoffs) and scored 2,325,281 this season, about 11,000 fewer per game – the strongest decline in the majors this year ..
Boras said that some franchises must stop motivating to lose (even in a remodeling) and start rewarding teams that win through draft and other development incentives.
"The voluntary methods that are currently in place and that the owners apply and that the game works, disappears the fans clearly," he said.
Boras was asked by Toronto Sun what his answer would be if Blue Jays told him that if they spend less money now because they are in the process of reconstruction and there is no need to try to land the highest level free agents at this time Boras compared this setting to a hitter who decided he would not play much the first three months of the season because he wants to "stand" for the rest of the year. The message is: Players always go out, some franchises do not.
"It's not going well in the storage space," Boras said. "Players have a duty to perform every year and perform at the highest level, and so do teams. And we need a system that exactly addresses that problem.
"We have to create a performance model that corresponds to what we need from the players," Boras continued. "We have to do it with the owners in the amount of reward to win. If there is a reward for winning, I guarantee that they will do things differently."
Boras has traditionally had a problem with Blue Jay's headquarters.

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