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SanDisk's 1TB Micro SD Card is perfect for your switch, and it is finally available for purchase

1tb Micro SD card

Nintendo makes quite a big pressure to encourage its customers to download their flagship games on Switch, instead of physically on a playing card (which, of course, has associated manufacturing costs. Super Mario Maker 2 Just yesterday, Nintendo also presented a pretty tempting game coupon discount program that will undoubtedly stimulate growth in digital sales even more.

If you are something like us, your puny micro SD card will struggle to stick to the importance of all of these detailed handouts. Of course, Super Mario Maker 2 can only record 2.8 GB of your valuable storage space, but some third-party games like NBA 2K19 can record 31.5GB of space, so Switch owners turn to ever larger micro SD cards to store all their games so they do not have to continue erasing and downloading all the time.

SanDisk may well have come up with the ultimate solution to this problem, however; Their recently released 1TB Extreme Micro SD card offers a crazy amount of storage. The SanDisk Extreme series of microSD cards announces 160 MB / s read and 90 MB / s write speeds so it will be more than appropriate for your Switch, like SanDisk's other Extreme Series cards.

But of course it is a catch; Currently, the 1TB micro SD card costs you a lot of $ 449.99 in the US and £ 453.99 in the UK. If you don't think you can get away with it on your birthday list, you might want to encourage your loved ones to buy you a 400 GB or 512 GB micro SD card, as the prices are starting to be very attractive. You can find many options to suit all budgets in our practical guide for the best Nintendo Swich micro SD cards.

If you happen to be extremely rich and demand the best, download the 1TB Micro SD card here:

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