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Riott Squad commented to split into Superstar Shake-Up

Riott Squad has been split into this week's WWE Superstar Shake-Up, and all three members of the group have now commented on their different ways. As seen yesterday, Liv Morgan leads SmackDown Live, while Logan and Riott remain at RAW.

Liv Morgan was the first to talk about social media and wrote:

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Earlier this morning, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan also replied, sharing their memories of being paired in WWE:

rubyriottwwe:@yaonlylivvonce and @sarahloganwwe, two women who really changed my life for the better. Over the past 18 months, we have tried to express to the world exactly how strong and selfless a bond we have. But I don't even think we have scratched the surface.

On the 11-21-17 I was together with two of the most talented and incredible women I have ever met. Every day since I learned something from them, inside and outside the ring. They inspired me and motivated me to be better as a person and as an executive.

I knew I would never be ready for the next day where we would be on separate brands. And I would lie if I didn't say my heart didn't hurt but knowing that the world is seeing how amazing Sarah and Liv are on a whole new scale, doing everything okay. They will continue to create their own heritage and I am still and will always be their biggest fan! Thanks girls, to be more than I could ask as friends and partners and as sisters. You girls have my heart. I love you girls and as Liv said this is not goodbye. This is seen later. I know all I have to do is scream "SQUAD SQUAD!" And we will be together again! #RiottSquadForever

sarahloganwwe: 11-21-17. One day my life changed forever. The day OUR life changes forever. We shared the greatest moment in our wrestling careers and the greatest moments of our lives together. Every time I make my entrance I should look for you two. Every time I get coffee in catering, I will look for you two and every time I need someone to laugh at my amazing jokes, I'm looking for my group.

We have changed the crime world so much and that is what we continue to do.
@rubyriottwwe … I love you
@yaonlylivvonce … .. I love you.
And I will see you again, because we will all make fucking sure that it happens.
Squad! Squad!

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