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Randy Hillier started from PC caucus

It's official: Randy Hillier is out of Ontario PC caucus.

Long-time MPP from Eastern Ontario was first elected in 2007 and led for leadership in 2009, but was recently suspended from caucus over a series of disagreements with them near the premiere.

On Friday, the party's caucus chair, Daryl Kramp, informed Hillier in writing that he was being expelled permanently.

"This decision has been made following a full review of your behavior before and after your suspension," Kramp wrote.

Hillier was suspended over an event on February 20 that some called the last straw.

During a heated quiz during which parents protested against the Ontario Autism program, Hillier was heard and said, "Yadda, yadda, yadda."

The critics said Hillier addressed his comments to the protesting parents – he said they were targeting an NDP MPP.

The party issues a long list of complaints to start him from the caucus, including skipping caucus meetings and retreating, skipping the party convention, criticizing the media in the media and giving the Liberals at the Queen's Park a chance to use their question on the issue.

Hillier denied that he was not a team player but added that he would always put the needs of the elements over party or prize.

Since March 12, Hillier sent an email to followers and started a petition campaign to return to the caucus.

Still, he attacked two of Premier Doug Ford's top advisers, his chief executive Dean French and campaign strategist Chris Froggatt.

He accused both men of trying to choose their role as an MPP and said that the party's problems with him were just "a wash list with questionable and childish complaints".

That letter finally sealed Hillier's fate and ensured that PC caucus would not get him back.

In his letter, Kramp pointed out that Ford had offered to sit and discuss the problems with Hillier. "In spite of this, you continued to escalate the situation publicly and in a way that shows that you are not a team player to keep you inadvertently."

Hillier is in Perth in his riding and was not immediately available for comment.

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