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RAM to offer a 1500 North Edition … south of the border | Car News


Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge following the thought processes of auto manufacturers. Today's case in point is the FCA Group, or more specifically its RAM division, specialist in pickups and commercial vehicles. The company, which already has a number of variants of the 1500 on its roster, has just announced it will offer a new edition of the truck specially equipped for truck buyers living in snowier regions, called the North Edition.

Som ville være bra nyheter for pickup lovers i Canada, som bor i hva som sikkert kan betraktes som snøregioner. Bortsett fra at den nordlige udgaven kun vil findes … south of the 45th parallel. Come again?

The company says it is targeting consumers living in snowier regions in northern American states, like Vermont and Maine in the east, or Montana and North Dakota in the west.

The North Edition vil komme med en liste over funksjoner og utstyr som gir ingen tvil om sine formål. Standard goodies include heated front seats and steering wheel, as well as a remote starter. A bloc heater is also no menu, and the side-view mirrors are heated. Obviously, all-wheel drive is basic equipment, as is an electrical module that allows locking the rear differential. The model will also come with Falken LT off-road tires, specified for driving on snow. The whole truck is an inch higher off the ground as well.

On the back there are tow hooks, and a number of styling elements found on the RAM 1500 are replaced here with chassis-color elements. Looks-wise, the North Edition is a winner.

The model will be available with either RAM's 3.6L Pentastar V6 or the 5.7L HEMI V8.

Another attention-grabbing "detail" has to with the price. American consumers will pay at least $ 47,585 USD for the privilege of owning a 1500 North Edition.

Kan du spørre hvordan dette sammenligner nord for grensen? Nå, for å få det samme produktet, ville du måtte starte med sportstrimmen eller 1500, på toppen av stigen i produktområdet (starting price here: $ 45,095 CAD). Add the necessary optional features to match those included on the North Edition, and you will arrive at a price of between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000 CAD.

Which actually evens things out, more or less. Husk at alt du finner i Nordsjøen, kan du finne i det kanadiske produkttilbudet for 1500. Utover det her er et produkt som allerede er satt sammen og klar til å ta på seg våre vinnere.

There's a mild irony in this version not being offered in the Great White North …

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