Monday , January 25 2021

Raccoons believed to be Rabid Actually Drunk on Fermented Crabapples

Can animals become full of consuming yeast fruit? Milton Police Department probably considered "rabbit" raccoons, which turned out to be just full of eating fermented crabapples. ( Milton Police Department | Facebook )

Authorities in Milton, West Virginia, acted after several residents reported suspicious straight raccoons in the area. As it turns out, the raccoons were not rabid, but instead drowned on fermented crabapples.

Can animals be fed up with eating fruit?

Masked Bandits

In a Facebook mail, the Milton Police Department announced that it had committed "masked bandits" after several condominiums reported what appeared to be straight raccoons in the area. With the help of the community and the urban street department, the authorities were able to catch two probably rabid raccoons, but they found that the creatures were not rabid at all and instead seemed to be full, possibly on fermented crabapples.

The authorities eventually released the raccoons in the woods, but they still remind the public not to approach a dizzy or disoriented raccoon, as it may be ill. Instead, it would be better to call authorities to get them to take care of it.

Animals and Alcohol

This is not the first time animals were observed to work full. In fact, there are online videos of animals that seem to be full, where they are seen dizzying and stumbling and even engaging in strange behavior. But does it turn out to be full or is it completely different?

Earlier observations show that some animals actually like drinking alcohol. In fact, male butterflies have been observed to drink beer to increase spermatophores that they give to honor as a poisonous gift, while male fruitflies that have not been successful friends have been observed to prefer food containing alcohol.

However, in mammals, the effects may be more inadvertent than intentional. Just like the case with the full raccoons in Milton, moose, deer and squirrels observed for fermented fruit have become quite sleepy.

It is said that there are animals with high tolerance for fermented foods. For example, the pencil tailed tree shrew of Malaysia can eat nectar from betram palm, which has one of the highest recorded alcohols among natural foods, and still shows no signs of poisoning. Similarly, some bats may also consume fermented fruits and still be suitable for flying.

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