Monday , December 6 2021

Players can now buy gold in Red Dead Online with real money



There is a one-time shop for 25 gold bars

By Jessie Wade

Along with Rockstar's latest Red Dead Online update, they have now released microtransactions in the game, which come in the form of gold bars.

There are six different bundles of gold bars available for players to buy, ranging from $ 4.99 USD to $ 99.99 USD.

The US prices for gold bars are as follows:

  • One-time offer: 25 gold bars – 4.99 USD
  • 25 gold bars – $ 9.99
  • 55 gold bars – $ 19.99
  • 150 gold bars – 49.99 USD
  • 245 gold bars – $ 74.99
  • 350 gold bars – 99.99 USD

Gold bars have been a topic since beta launches, because Reddit users discovered that it could take about eight hours to earn only a bar of gold. Rockstar responded quickly to the player's feedback and promised to work to rebalance the economy in play.

In Red Dead Online, customization can be purchased for various items with gold bars, such as clothes for your character, visual gun upgrades, leather accessories and horses, but it has no impact on game development.

Earlier today, Rockstar announced that beta players will receive rewards in the game with the latest update as a thank you for playing beta. The rewards include 15 gold bars and different amounts of cash, based on each player's edition of the game.

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Jessie Wade is a newswriter at IGN and just wants to have some gold bars for free – thank you and thanks. Follow her on Twitter @ jessieannwade.

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