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People are looking for real taxes worth $ 100K in BC and Alberta

People looking for treasure in western Canada after three $ 100,000 treasure chest each in gold and silver were hidden for anyone to find.

According to GoldHunt, they have buried a breast in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. And, they say yes, there really is a treasure in each of them.

The hunt begins on June 1, 2019.

"We are passionate about the pursuit of the hunt," says their website.

"Our team has always been fascinated by finding gold and buried treasure. Who doesn't, or not? We wanted to build something very similar to a real treasure hunt with cryptic clues and a treasure that requires your skill and wits to find it. Fortunately, there is there are no booby traps. "

Included in each breast is a bonus redemption certificate. In order to claim the certificate, you must provide proof of purchase for your map. In this way, they know that the treasure has been found and they can start a new hunt.

Spokesperson Chris Cromwell said on the company's Instagram that they have a law drafting a public press release on official stationery.

On their website they have instructions on how to participate in the hunt. All you need to do to be qualified is to buy a digital map. You can also buy some extra clues to help you, but they say the map is all you need.

The clues consist of "tips, riddles, poems and reference points." You can buy a map on their website for $ 25 or get a map and clues for $ 45. Maps will be made available on June 1, 2019.

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