Friday , August 19 2022

P.E.I. gas prices take another unexpected dip 8 November Local | News


Gas, household oil and diesel prices have unexpectedly fallen into unforeseen price adjustments overnight.

The gas falls by 3.3 cents per liter, while the oven and cooking oil fell by 2.2 cpl, and the diesel price decreased by 2.2 cpl.

The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission states that there are a number of factors that led to this decision.

A number of refineries, previously closed for seasonal maintenance, are re-started. Gas investment levels are also high and demand is low now when the harvest is falling. All of these combined have led to a decline in the wholesale market price recently.

Including adjustments for taxes, pump prices for plain unleaded petrol at self-sufficiency will now range from 114.1 to 115.2 cpl.

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