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Ölstrid brews between Regina craftsmen and Minhas distillery


Reginas Minhas brewery is accused of selling someone else's beer and it causes movement in the local craft industry.

Rebellion Brewing Owner Mark Heise says that Minhas Sask Brewery in Queen City has sold his handwrap as his own.

He says he received an anonymous tip about it during Wednesday lunch time.

He says he knew he had not sold the cone to Minhas, and his business acted quickly to pick up his scourge.

"I think it was just rage, the emotional race that someone had done for us and it's our product. It belongs to us, not to them," he said.

"It was very difficult to know that our product, another manufacturer, acquired our product and sold it as its product without our knowledge."

Mark Heise is a spokesman for Rebellion Brewing in Regina. (CBC)

Moni Minhas is President and CEO of the company that opened its doors in Regina a few weeks ago.

He defended the decision to buy Rebellion Brewing's IPA and said he bought the jaw from a friend who runs a hook.

"Of [Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority] layer, may I sell Saskatchewan manufactured beer wines or distilled products in my place. Everyone can, "he said, acknowledging that the beer was not noticeable.

"In part, they were correct that my crane handle did not say their names on it, because our graphic designer was still on it."

Moni Minhas talks about sales practices. 00:25

He raised the question of what he called "insinuation" that the business had done something wrong, criticizing it for fear of competition.

"As if we did something wrong, or illegal or unethical, I say no," he said. "I think it's a competitor worried that I would sell better quality beer at half the price."

President and CEO of MinhasSaskatchewan Distillery, Winery and Brewery Moni Minhas says he is within his right to sell beer in Saskatchewan, and has not done anything illegal or immoral. (CBC News)

Heise said he had taken his fight publicly hoping to stop Minhas from continuing this type of exercise or targeting other local breweries.

"There has been full recognition of debt and hopefully it will stop it," he said.

SLGA confirmed that it is looking at complaints. It provided information about advertising and promotions. However, the material did not specifically express rules on the labeling of beer from other breweries.

The Regina Minhas plant opened two weeks ago. It does not brew its own beer yet, but Minhas said it plans to do so in the future.

Heise said he trusts SLGA to do his due diligence when investigating the question.

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