Saturday , January 23 2021

Oh hurry! Winnie the Pooh joins Kingdom Hearts III in the New Trailer

Kingdom Hearts III has just confirmed yet another classic Disney world, with a new trailer featuring Winnie the Pooh. This is not the first time we see the Winnie the Pooh World, as it has become one of the pillars of Kingdom Hearts. More within …

One of the best parts of Kingdom Hearts Experience has always had the opportunity to experience new and different worlds. Therefore why we have been enchanted with the trailers that circle around Monsters Inc., frozen, and Tangled. While it's always fun to play something new, it's just as exciting to return to the worlds we last experienced about 12 years ago. The latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III shows that we will return to a world that has become a pillar in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, The Hundred Acre Wood.

Sora returns to 100 Acre Wood with KINGDOM HEARTS III! Check out additional game sets that reveal Sorsa's call-to-action attacks with Rapunzel and Captain Jack Sparrow. Look at the forces of light and dark gather as the battle against the Kingdom HARDS approach!

The first Kingdom Hearts The game was the first chance we saw Hundred Acre Wood In action, but it was just a mini game that almost seemed like an afterthought. Kingdom Hearts II actually gave us a story so we could spend more meaningful time with Winnie the Pooh and friends. It looks like Kingdom Hearts III can return to mini-game status with Hundred Acre Wood, but with all the other intensive actions they showed in that trailer it might be a good break.

What could be the biggest part of this trailer was the return of an all-out war scenario. Kingdom Hearts II& # 39; s Battle of the Hollow Bastion was the first time we had to overcome wave after wave of heartlessness. From looks Kingdom Hearts III, they seem to have made it up to 11, with the addition of Nobodies and never-before-seen thoughtlike enemies.

The fight intensifies when Kingdom Hearts III Editions January 29, 2019 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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