Friday , December 3 2021

Odyssey through Google Project Stream •


You can wake yourself a free PC copy of the acclaimed Assassin's Creed: Odyssey by just playing Google's new Chrome Streaming Service Project Stream. You only need to play an hour, then you will be talented in the game.

Unfortunately, this is only available to US residents (unless you can find a way around it). It's not Ubisoft's decision: The Project Stream tech test is for American residents.

If you can find a way, you have until January 15 to play your hour AC: Odyssey and qualify for the free game. This will be committed to Ubisoft's Uplay platform through your linked Project Stream account. Special instructions should be sent after January 15th. Saves and games in the game will be transferred.

Project Stream is Google which invests in game-streaming space, which was all rage a few years ago with Gaikai and OnLive, but never really appreciated much. But this is Google we're talking about, a tech colossus with possibilities light years before the older flowing dinosaurs. And it's not alone: ​​Tech giant Microsoft dives streaming and Amazon finds that it can also accompany. Streaming can be, as Oli wrote recently, the next platform war.

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