Tuesday , August 16 2022

Nissan President Carlos Ghosn Sent To Single Cell


The 64-year-old auto industry titanium is accused of serious economic misconduct and corruption costs.

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Carlos Ghosn is accused of irregularities and corruption charges.

A single cell, 30 minutes training and two baths a week: Carlos Ghosn's new routine is a world away from the private headlights and sumptuous parties that the Million Dollar has ever had. The 64-year-old car industry Titan is accused of serious financial misconduct and is questioned at a concrete north bridge in Tokyo, which also includes convicted criminals and even deaths. Meanwhile, Nissan voted for unanimously to secure Ghosn as chairman on Thursday.

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Lawyers who have made several visits to detention centers for former detainees paint a picture of a hard plant where loneliness is the biggest enemy. Veterinary Attorney Yoshiro Ito said that the involuntary rooms have nothing but a bed, toilet and a handless door with an ironbarred window. Captivated follows a strict routine. Alarm clock is just before 7 and lights out at 21.00. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered. For an additional charge, you may order additional food from previously approved options.


It is far from macaroni and colorful cakes photographed at Ghosns 2016 wedding party in the sumptuous castle of Versailles near Paris. "There are lonely cells and spaces that can accommodate more people, but in special cases like Ghosn, I think he is without a doubt in a lonely room," says lawyer Ito. Takafumi Horie, a Japanese businessman detained in the same center and later detained in 2011 for securities fraud as head of the internet giant Livedoor, said the hardest part was "unable to talk to people."

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