Tuesday , August 16 2022

Manitoba NDP Private Members list calls for security zones in abortion facilities


WINNIPEG – Manitoba New Democrats want a law to protect the safety of women seeking abortions and those working at nursing homes that provide them.

NDP Opposition member Nahanni Fontaine has introduced a private membership bill that requires protests not to be found within suspended buffer zones around abortion clinics and hospitals.

She said that safe access to abortion would strengthen access to abortions and protect health workers from harassment and abuse.

If it passed, Manitoba would follow in the steps of other provinces.

In May 2017, the Ontario government introduced legislation following cases of harassment and Alberta has gone through a similar law.

Fontaine says that Manitoba doctors and nurses have previously been victims of violence against violence against abortion.

"Manitoba women have the right to access the necessary reproductive health care they need safely and without harassment," said Fontaine on Thursday in a drop.

"Any harassment, coercion or abuse directed against patients by demonstrators is unacceptable. No woman should be discouraged from accessing health care based on ideological agendas."

Private members bills are rarely teamed without government support. (CTV Winnipeg, The Canadian Press)

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