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Maisie Williams thought Arias was using Jaime's face in games of throne scene with Cersei

Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 is discussed below.

When it came to season 8, Game of Thrones had no shortage of shocks. Among them were Arya Stark and killed Night King and not kills Cersei Lannister – the person at the top of Arya's death list for so long. Cersei stopped dying during Daenery's Targary's attack on King's Landing. Cersei was crushed under the walls with his brother / lover Jaime.

Actress Maisie Williams, who plays Arya, revealed that she expected a last minute twist to reveal that Arya had taken revenge after all. She thought Arya had Jaime's face when he turned out to try to save Cersei. Weigh in with her biggest regret for Arya in Game of Thrones"Last season, Williams told EW:

It turns out that Arya took The Dog's advice instead. Decides to leave their self-destructive path for revenge. One that The Hound himself planned to make to his final conclusion. Who better to show her a new way? Exactly.

Maisie Williams explained her process as she read through the second-last episode. Realize that after eight seasons, Arya would not get revenge on Cersei after all. Talking about the moment of truth with The Dog, Williams said:

Aria's bow was not what she had expected and I think it gives absolute meaning to her course over the last eight seasons. Arya chooses to live instead of dying with revenge marked a maturity for the character, in my opinion. She realized that she had much more to live for than to die that struggles to avenge.

As shocking as it was, I think it was a decision that was logical for her to do. Maisie Williams and countless fans were not the only ones who wanted an Arya vs Cersei showdown in the final season. Lena Headey (Cersei) wanted one too. Considering the hope that one should happen, Headey said:

In the end, all the building led to a moment of counting between Cersei and Arya to nothing. Like Jon Snow's much hinted in violation of Night King. Game of Thrones undermined many expectations with a closing chapter that looked very hinted at the thread led to other results.

Arya took The Dog's advice, and the two shared a moving farewell. The final ended with Arya sailing outside to see what is west of Westeros. Despite very exciting overnight stay for a spinoff for Game of Thrones fan favorite, it is not set to happen.

The good news is that after spending so long on revenge, Arya got her life back. After living as if she had no future so long, she could explore one. To die next to Cersei would have meant a short-lived revenge in the most definite sense of the word.

Unfortunately for The Hound, he could not take his own advice. He took revenge on his brother, The Mountain, who entered the fire together. Fortunately, Arya realized that the best revenge lives well.

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