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MacBook Pro Battery Replacement: All You Need to Know


Is the battery in your MacBook Pro disappointed? It may have been good when you bought it first, but it's unusual to have trouble with charging times, batteries or interference. There are indications that it may be time to replace the battery in your MacBook Pro.

But switching to a new battery is not always as easy as poping the old one and plugging a new version into: It depends entirely on what type of MacBook Pro you have and what's wrong. Here's all you need to know.

Built-in batteries (2009 and beyond)

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If you have a MacBook Pro that is the middle of the 2009 model or newer, then your battery is built-in. It is very invisible to try to replace these glued batteries yourself. There is not even an easy way to reach the battery without taking the MacBook apart. Conclusion? This is a job that is best for professionals.

To replace these batteries, look for a nearby Apple Store, and call them to talk about replacing the battery. They have specialists who can arrange a meeting and get the job done. Apple also has authorized service providers who are trained to replace built-in batteries properly. If there is no Apple Store nearby or if you want to find the fastest return, check out the authorized providers in your area and see what offers the battery replacement services.

Note that Apple One Year Limited Warranty covers coverage for a defective battery, which helps to take care of costs. AppleCare Protection Plan will also replace all batteries that fall below 80 percent of the original capacity. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fee for the new battery and replacement service.

Apple's free replacement program

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There is a special battery replacement offer available for the 13-inch MacBook Pro (without Touch Bar) model, manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017. Some of these models suffered from a defect that made the battery expand. This does not give much danger (they do not explode or anything), but it can cause a lot of battery problems.

As a result, Apple will replace the batteries on any of these professionals for free. If you think your Pro model can be qualified, check your serial number here. Apple gives you valuable information about how to replace the battery if this option works for you.

Removable batteries (before 2009)

About ten years ago Apple started a switch from removable batteries to "built-in" batteries that paste into the MacBook frame. Apple's reasoning here was simple: Built-in batteries were more compact, safer from the consumer's point of view, allowing them to keep MacBook's narrower and narrower. However, you can not replace a built-in battery yourself. Only older MacBook professionals with removable batteries are truly viable for DIY replacement.

So, how are you sure if your model has a removable battery? There are two simple qualified to note. Benefits of removable batteries are:

  • Models from before in mid-2009 when the battery breaker first came with 13 and 15-inch Pro computers
  • models without The retina shows
Battery Macbook Pro

If your older Pro matches these qualifications, check the frame and you will likely find a removable battery that is held with a screwed or locked panel. Buy a new battery for your model and you can quickly replace it yourself. You will find prices for a new battery around $ 50 to $ 80 depending on your model.

2018 and future MacBook battery replacement

Apple Macbook Air 2018 Battery replacement
Source: MacRumors

A note that looks at the future: Apple is starting to change how easy it is to access built-in batteries. Previously, built-in models had glued batteries that were difficult to remove and required to completely replace the aluminum envelope (another reason not to try at home). With the latest models, Apple is trying a new approach, where batteries can be removed with special tools and replaced with new glue without having to replace the entire top kit.

Currently, this capability is only available for 2018 MacBook Air models. However, it will be safe to come to future new MacBook Pro models that Apple has planned. While we do not know if Apple will change the battery replacement charges, the change should at least make the process faster and more accessible.

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