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Kim Foxx's frustrated Jussie Smollett, R. Kelly's text messages published – National

Text messages show Chicago prosecutors whose offices handled the case Empire actor Jussie Smollett told his highest deputy that Smollett was a "washed celeb" that was overcharged.

Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx released thousands of documents from the survey late Tuesday in response to media requests.

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Smollett was initially loaded with 16 bills which claimed he lied to the police when he reported that he had been subjected to a racist, homophobic attack in January. Police insist that he arranged the attack.

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Documents obtained by Chicago Tribune include a text conversation between Foxx and Joseph Magats, the first assistant state lawyer.

Foxx said in February that she recused herself. But she weighed in on March 8 and sent the text to Magats who said: "Sooo …… I am recused, but when people accuse us of overloading cases … 16 counting on a class 4 (felony) being exhibited A. "

Magats agreed that the charge could be seen as "excessive". Foxx then expressed her concern by comparing Smollett's accusation against R. Kelly.

"Pedophile with 4 victims, 10 bills. Washed celebs lying to police, 16 (counted)", she wrote. "In a case that is eligible for deferred prosecution, I think that is an indication of something we should look at in general. Just because we can upload something does not mean we should."

"It's not who we want to be."

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Foxx said in a statement on Tuesday that she had come out to Magats after Smollett's accusation "to discuss review of office policies to ensure consistency in our charge and our use of appropriate charging authority."

"I was chosen to incorporate criminal reforms and it includes intentionality, consistency and discretion. I will continue to meet these guidelines," Foxx adds.

Last month, the prosecutors fell all 16 offenses against Smollett. The Empire the actor agreed to lose $ 10,000 in the bail and do community service.

Foxx's office declined to release internal Smollett case files and stated that the case had been sealed by a judge. The office did not provide a detailed explanation of why the case was abandoned.

Smollett has kept his innocence and insisted that he be attacked.

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and others have criticized the decision to release charges against Smollett who accused him of submitting a false report to the police that he was the victim of a racist anti-gay attack in January.

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"Ensuring that I and my office have the confidence and trust of society is crucial to me, which was why I invited an independent review of this issue," Foxx said in a statement. "I welcome this survey and promise my full cooperation and cooperation with my office."

Cook Country Inspector General Patrick Blanchard will conduct a study on how Foxx's office handled the case.

The Chicago Tribune first reported Foxx's request Friday and reported Blanchard a letter to the Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and other county leaders who informed them of Foxx's request.

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Blanchard wrote that Foxx asked for a review "of the circumstances surrounding the dissolution of criminal charges previously before Jussie Smollett." He wrote that his office would continue with the review.

Chicago City objected to a district court on Thursday in the Cook County court against Smollett, who is black and gay, in an attempt to recover the costs of investigating his claim that masked men hit him January 29 in Chicago, shouting slurries and wrapping a rope around his neck.

The suit comes after Smollett refused the city's claim that he would repay the $ 130,106. A spokesman for Smollett's team team said they had no comment on the trial or Foxx's request for the inspector's general review.

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