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Kelly Ripa Grosses out daughter Lola with Mark Consuelos Throwback Pic – Hollywood Life

Kelly Ripa's daughter Lola took exception to her caption on Mark Consuelo's "hands" in her latest #FBF Instagram post!

Kelly Ripa, 48, and her husband Mark Consuelos, 47, has always been and will always be a few goals (did you see how cute they looked at the Oscar?), But there is at least one of her Instagram followers who doesn't like it when she puts in PDA images of herself and Mark. After Kelly sent a throw back picture of Mark Grabbing's Kelly through the waist and formed the picture, wrote, "fbf 2007 Those hands 💕," Kelly's daughter Lola Grace Consuelos, 17, commented, "Is the caption necessary?". Of course, Kelly didn't have that with Lola's dig. She replied in turn "Gurl bye 👋." The funniest part of the entire commentary course happened when a fan, who didn't realize it was Kelly's daughter who called the day's host, wrote: "They look like big hands Kelly youngestyung is just jealous." To whom, Kelly replied, "no, she is just bored. It's my daughter 😂. " SEE PIC HERE.

We previously reported how Kelly mourned the loss Luke Perry, who died on March 4 after suffering a massive stroke on February 27. "It's a tough day here, it's really," she said on the 5th episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. "We lost a good friend to the show, a good guy. Luke Perry passed away very much yesterday, very shocking. And I'm still stunned. I woke up this morning and thought it had been a mistake."

Meanwhile, Dr Daryl Gioffre, a famous nutritionist and author of Get off your acid, revealed how the daytime talk show host uses the Alkaline Diet to stay in such a stunning shape. "There are foods that create health in the body and there are foods that create toxins in the body," explains Dr. Gioffre. "What you want to do is to remove things that are acidic. So, sugar, barley, artificial sweeteners, too much meat or animal-based proteins and dairy. And we focus on getting alkaline foods in the diet, so your green leafy vegetables, your spinach, your kale, your watercress, your romaine salad. Your cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower. Your sulfur-based vegetables like onions and radishes and cabbage. "

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