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Keanu Reeves holds her hands to herself

When I saw this photo by Dolly Parton & Keanu Reeves after that became viral Earlier this year I noticed something interesting about it. Can you see it?

Dolly Keanu

Reeves has his arm around Parton but his hand is open and he does not grip or hold her body in any way. He is warm but respectful. I've been thinking about that gesture ever since and was happy to run over this Twitter post by Madsthetic showing Reeves with the same open hand gesture with other women. For example:

Keanu Open Hand

Reeves move is called "seat hands" in South Korea:

In the West, people are usually spitting online to make awkward hovercraft, but the Korean press seems to applaud the "hand of the way" as it is considered respectful. Women seem to appreciate the "fine guy" gesture, while men probably don't give it much thought.

Compare with, for example, how current Presidential candidate Joe Biden touches women.

See also Keanu Reeves is too good for this world and Keanu Reeves is a really nice guy. (I had a conversation with a former Hollywood staff assistant once and she told me that there were only two fine men in Hollywood: Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves.)

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