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Kate Middleton News: How the Duchess Rejected Prince William Kissed and "Went Away" | Royal | News


Kate Middleton and Prince William sustained their fair share of upside down before getting married in a sumptuous ceremony at Westminster Abbey 2011. During their time at the university, the couple met in their relationship and even broke up at once. The parents of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were friends for a while before their relationship became romantic.

Kate even snubbed her husband at the beginning of her romance when William tried to kiss her, a book has claimed.

In 2011, "The Making Of A Royal Romance" by Katie Nicholl, the king explains how in the 2002 Do Do Walk charity model, William struck out with the brunette beauty after seeing her on the catwalk.

After the show, William is believed to have said to his friend: "Wow, Kate is hot!"

He tried to kiss Kate for a while alone but she rejected his advance because he had been "cold" to her with other friends present.

"William leaned in to kiss her. It was Kate who left, temporarily stunned that he had been so cold in a room full of strangers," says Nicholl.

At that time, the Duchess believed that they had met Rupert Finch, a fourth-year student, but "William did not care."

In the book, a friend reminds the couple: "It was clear to us that William was beating Kate, he actually told her that she was a knockout that night that caused her to blush.

"She played it very cool and at a time when William seemed to lean in to kiss her, she left. She did not want to give the wrong impression or make it too easy for Will."

This new royal bombshell comes from rumors that an emotional strain runs between Kate and her sister-in-law Meghan Markle.

After the news Meghan and Harry moved to Frogmore House in Windsor, there has been a rumored "thrill" between the two Duchesses.

Given the speculation, an insider said: "They are very different women despite their similar circumstances. Meghan is an extrovert while Kate is quite shy."

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