Tuesday , August 16 2022

Justin Trudeau tours Calgary amid frustration with ongoing financial woes


  • Watch Justin Trudeau live here at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce at 1:15 MT

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been tortured through Calgary on Thursday, despite frustration with the province's ongoing financial woes and one day after his finance minister unveiled a fiscal update that his Alberta counterpart said showed Ottawa is "on a different economic planet."

Trudeau is making several appearances across the city, starting with a tour of an affordable housing complex, before speaking at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, meeting with oil and gas leaders, meeting with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and finishing with an appearance at a women's hockey Festival.

He'll be meeting at least one protest along the way, calling on Ottawa to do more for the energy sector. At 12:30 p.m. MT, hundreds had gathered and shut down a portion of Center Street in Calgary's downtown.

During his first stop, Trudeau announced $ 31 million to build a 15-storey, affordable, rental housing tower in the city's southwest geared toward middle-class families.

It will house 121 units when complete and Trudeau said it will use energy storage, wind, solar and battery power to make the project energy efficient and help residents save money on bills.

Fiscal update reaction

On Wednesday, Finance Minister Bill Morneau outlined Ottawa's latest financial plans, which included the ability for oil and gas producers to write off capital expenditures related to manufacturing.

But Alberta's Finance Minister Joe Ceci was angry the fiscal update did not include a direct line item to help boost the province's ailing energy sector and help close the price gap between benchmark oil prices and Alberta's oil.

"Ottawa is living on a different economic planet. We must get our product to tidewater and nothing today moves us closer to doing that. This update does not address one of the biggest concerns. Albertans have: getting fair value for our non-renewable resource, "Ceci told media Wednesday afternoon.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers welcomed the tax writeoffs but called it a "positive first step" and not a solution to the problems the industry faces.

Trudeau dodged a question about whether his government would help move more oil by rail when questioned by reporters on Thursday and instead touted the tax move.

Provincial action

On Thursday morning, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley told a crowd at Calgary's Petroleum Club that if Ottawa would not help with increasing the ability to get oil out by rail, the province would find a way to buy additional rail cars themselves.

Hun har også kunngjort et unntak fra enkelte CO2-skattekostnader for borgerne og sagt at det var seks projekter under overveielse for offentlige investeringer for å delvis oppgradere bitumen i Alberta, noe som gjør det lettere å transportere og refine.

On Tuesday, the government announced that it would increase its commitment to two petrochemical programs, raising the available incentives from $ 1 billion to $ 2.1 billion.

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