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Joshua Boyle's Sexual Assault Delay as Deferred Wife Attorney at least temporarily remedies

The sexual assault test in Ottawa by former Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle has struck another bump, with the lawyer for the complainant at least temporarily slowing down as he might have to testify.

Caitlan Coleman, Boyle's alien wife, has been represented by lawyer Ian Carter. But on Thursday morning in the Ontario Court of Justice, Carter had to go aside at least for the moment, and lawyer Howard Krongold was allowed to represent her.

Boyle, Coleman's premier husband, faces 19 accusations, including assaulting a weapon, sexual assault, and her foreclosure. The 35-year-old has allegedly guilty of allegations allegedly committed after being liberated after nearly six years in captivity, during which time the three children were born.

After the release in 2017, they settled in Ottawa.

The high-profile trial took an unexpected twist on Wednesday when the defense blasted Coleman for several interviews with CBC, the Washington Post, and the ABC News American network. Coleman indirectly violated the witness exclusion order, defense lawyer Lawrence Greenspon argued in making the media circle while she was a witness at her trial.

Evidence of exclusion of witnesses prevents anyone from providing evidence of trials from talking to other witnesses. Violations of these orders can lead to contempt for the court.

It is unclear how Judge Peter Doody will rule, but Doody ordered Coleman not to speak directly or indirectly to any witnesses before Wednesday's postponement.

Doody also ordered Carter not to talk to his client because Carter can be called to testify.

Her lawyer could become a witness after Coleman revealed in court on Wednesday she told me it was OK to do the interviews.

Carter told CBC on Wednesday that he is still Coleman's lawyer, but he went away for the trial to be about this new legal challenge. In the event that Carter may need to take the witness, Solomon Friedman looked in court on Thursday as his advice.

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