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IPL 2019 Auction – Live Blog



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Mohammad Shami attracts a lot of bids here. Certainly, know that there are no other innings in IPL, right;). Its Anupam Singhs turn to be frightened, "Jaydev Unadkat's IPL economy is 9.2. His bid price of 8.4cr just disappeared!"

Our reader, Tathagata Banerjee can not keep calm, "Malinga and Mumbai Indians are together again. Wankhaden will explode."

Some marriages can never be broken. You know that when the worst phase between the pair is an arrangement to make them the coach. Such is Malinga and Mumbai. And the other franchises, they like the people they are, do not bother bidding, just giving out their blessings.

He had 11.5 crores with him last time, and he talked about how the price tag affects him mentally. But the franchise will not give the happy dog Jaydev Unadkat a mental break. He is forced to go home 8.4 crores. You remeber last year's auction, where Punjab and Rajasthan kept fighting with Chennai between somewhere. Who won? Yes, history repeats itself. Unadkat will remain a royal.

Just then, batting powerplay is done. Trust the bowling to break the 5-crore roof completely.

    The big buyer

The big buyer © Cricbuzz

With that it is one break, they say five minutes. A summary of the summary will be coming up soon. The designating guy takes an annoying time.

"KKR needs a foreign pacemaker and a reliable middle order batsman. With a limited budget of 10 crs, I think they can even build a balance sheet like CSK and SRH," says Hussain Dalvi. But splash 5 crores on Brathwaite do not help things, right?

Nicholas Pooran == Shimron Hetmyer = 4.2 crores. The franchise does not discriminate between performance against India. Please guys. KXIP revenge now. Wriddhiman Saha we think is hurt. The BCCI doctor did not very much know his injury a few months ago. But SRH trusts him to be good, in fact, they were why he was injured in the first place. They snap him, not sorry, steal him for 1.2 crores – he has to take a 5 crore paycheck.

Another all-rounder hits the 5 crore brand – Axar Patel, after an extended stay of containers in Punjab, is being sold out to Delhi. Punjab was almost refuses to let him go, but Delhi is in a bully here. They want what they want.

There is no shortage of these RCB fanatics around, here's another one, Rahat Reza, "Gurkeert Singh Man is actually a good bargain for RCB, because they needed Indian middle order batsman. "

But 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6 and the franchise will not remember Yuvraj Singhname. For the first time in twelve seasons, perhaps the biggest name in the industry when everything began to go UNSOLD. Now calm down your fools, just for now. He may come back later.

6, 6, 6, 6 and you must not forget his name either. Carlos Brathwaite Will now play at least seven matches on Eden to replicate his hero man. KKR5 crores – most so far.

Read this RCB table, "" RCB should make sure to buy a pair of trusted foreign players, such as Lendl Simmons / Dwayne Smith for the top order and Oshane Thomas / Junior Dala as backups, except that other Indian players plug gaps in their squad . "And when you need it, thank you Kaushik M for this advice.

Will he come? Won? Franchisors do not like these puzzles clearly. Chris Woakes no bid. It does not help him that his base price is as much as 2 crores.

"Some reason why Matin Guptil is always unsold in the auctions? He is such a nice player on top of the order" asks Aman Gupta. Well, Aman, as unfair as it looks, Guptill has hardly done anything about remarking in the limited chances he has. But it has been because of his very limited chances. And we walk around in circles.

Our reader, Prabhat Tiwari have a reason, and there are probably a million other Indians, "Dear CSK TEAM, Pls buys Yuvraj. We want to witness them both together in one team."

Martin Guptill and Brendon McCullum are not tempting bids for now. Keep in mind that they will be available throughout the season, regardless of all the factors you can think of.

The best way to get a big fat deal is to perform against India. And what better time than just before the auction. Shimron Hetmyer has done it so nobody has forgotten him in a hurry. Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan struggles for a while. Bangalore comes in once, and that's enough. Hetmyer is a RCBian to start. They have their new Gayle host 4.2 crores.

Hanuma Vihari – who made it to the test team because he did not have an IPL contract the war begins. Capitals, New Delhi starts the bid. Rajasthan join in. Mumbai is hoping, but Delhi is not going to stop anything to actually pack Vihari into its middle order. SOLD – 2 crores. So, exactly 50 lakhs for each of the four Test wickets is he taken.

Here we go. 10, 9, 8, .3, 2 .. Manoj Tiwary comes first. 50 lakhs. Nobody is willing to bite the bite, awkward silence, oh it's a stingy start. UNSOLD. Pujara and Alex Hales face the same fate. Seriously people get dirty here.

The only small continuity that was there all the time in IPL, auction owner Richard Madlee will not be this time. Hugh Edmeades would take over the responsibility, with a shiny new gold-colored hammer.

Here, Diana Edulji begins with her welcome speech. Acting secretary Amitabh Chaudhary says his team should try its best to "make sure not even a game"taken from India because of the Indian election.

Surprise, surprise. Check out who's here ..

"Very keen to see what KXIP is up to, because Mike Hesson is their new coach, a tactical person rather than Viru who was an instinct," says Kiran Udaykumar, who is definitely happy with how everything worked. All they need now is a title.

Pratham Sharma goes, "I hope some franchises go after Varun Aaron. Players tend to improve much after going through bad phases at the beginning of their career." – It helps you, our The man made him speak

here is Atharva Ameria Starting out, "Looking forward to seeing KKR and SRH taking part in this year's auction. They've always been smart with their purchases." Hetmyer, Pooran and Hope are in the hotlist. " "Now, Atharva, as much as a surprise, it is for all of us, Hope has not put down its name for the auction.

So how do you know that a team is ready? Yes, when they have their selfie out, and yes, the tamils ​​are always the first to get up in the morning.

You thought there were 346 of them, but no, yesterday evening another five of them decided to randomly. When you know that English will not be in a long time, are they worth going after? Also, we've got a lot of expected tracker back on the website .. trust us, many sleepless nights have gone into putting it together on the big night.

CSK need extra garnishings, you know, extra salt, lemon, coriander, onion, curry leaves, things you can clearly do without. So effectively they will come to the window gallery, reverse finds and break other people's budgets and hopefully reduce their team's average age – which gave her fetish after 35 men in last year's auction, has now gone by a year. SRH Also would be pleased with a piece of dessert from somewhere. How are they corrected?

KKR and KXIP need almost a whole main course. Some of them entrees also would not last until the end of the tournament. MI GETS to adhere to its tradition of fishing season's hottest property. DD turned DC, RCB and RR only have a pizza base. They need their fillings – vegetables, chicken, cheese, olives, paprika, sausage, pineapple.

Remember last time, India probably scrapped its best foreign profit for a long time in Jochburg when the auction was played. But BCCI, who is the nice people they are, organizes this time the first D / N auction under light, adapted to the players' time zones in Australia, who have played well in collapsing fast enough to sit with all the time now in front of their televisions with their phones buzzing for advice.

** Hoot, hoot ** Let's throw some money, we will. It's the annual big billion festival, where you instead of battling discounts fight over price estimates. Welcome, to the twelfth year of what is the most fun part of IPL, where you permute, combine and affect things like – by 2019, even going to be played in India, if someone is likely to go home early, if there's someone else you need. And then you bother if you have the money.

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