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Huion presents his most happy pen tablet ever in Cebu

HS64 SE is designed based on the accused character Chips, that was created by Ciayo Games, a well-known game developer with its base in Indonesia. Chips is a yellow duck that looks a bit like a banana, and is cute, smart and to some extent, a little funny. HS64 SE provides a happy image that allows users to release their creativity in a positive state.

addition, the combination of yellow and black colors makes the whole product more stylish and creative. In addition to the design of HS64 SE, the product's functionality will also meet the users' expectations. The industry-leading report speed and pressure sensitivity are sure to liven up work created on a pen tablet. 266PPS report speed instantly ensures response to all pen movements, so no matter how fast the users move the pen, lines are created that always follow closely to the cursor. 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity make it possible to input lines as different shapes and colors, as the pressure on the pen changes. The use of the battery-free electromagnetic resonance technique can even release the pen from a discharge and provide flexible working conditions. The portability of the HS64 SE as well as its OS compatibility will meet users' expectations, as they are now where they go, users can capture their inspirations in time like long as their HS64 SE is connected to their Android phone.

"User Request, User Participation and User-Oriented" is Huion's mantra that drives the company towards a better future where everything Customers will find theirs ideal Huion pen tablet. To figure out what an ideal Huion tablet could be, Please visit

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Source Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology

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