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Huawei calls for Verizon to charge $ 1B in patent license fees

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Huawei is looking for some big money from Verizon.

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Huawei want more than $ 1 billion in patent license fees from Verizon, according to a report. The fees are for the use of over 230 networking equipment, Reuters said Wednesday, referring to a source.

Verizon is reportedly using equipment through other companies based on Huawei patents covering core networks, internet technology, and wireless infrastructures. Verizon and Huawei representatives met last week in New York to talk about whether the tool could break the Huawei patent, Reuters said.

"These problems are bigger than just Verizon," a Verizon spokesman told Reuters. "Given the broader geopolitical context, every problem affecting Huawei has implications for our entire industry and also raises national and international issues."

Neither Huawei nor Verizon responded immediately to the request for comment.

The US Blacklisted Huawei network equipment in May and President Donald Trump signed an executive order that essentially forbids the company in the light of the national security issues that Huawei had in close contact with the Chinese government, a charge the company has repeatedly denied.

The credit rating agency S & P Global said on Wednesday that the impact on the technical industry off The Huawei ban in the United States "Can be great," including stymieing the growth of American tech companies.

Last Wednesday, Huawei confirmed to CNET that it was protesting against the US ban on an ex parte memo to the Federal Communications Commission.

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