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How to Beat Your Melbourne Cup Hangover Properly

We sorted the hangover fine fact from fiction and oh boy we were surprised.

At big, buzzy events like the Melbourne Cup – see also Christmas Day, New Year's Eve … the list goes on – it's usually a bit of spirits and most of us will spoil a glass or two. No biggie.
It's when this glass or two turns into more, then more, then sometimes even a little bit more than waking up with a hangover the following day is about as safe as death and taxes.
And we really have all had a hangover that made us wish for death. One of these skull-crushing, stomach-kura, life-draining horror that nothing – NOT – can fix.
To help us pull ourselves together after a few too many nights before talking to Sydney-based dietitian and sports nutritionist Robbie Clark.
Clark walked through food and drinks – and more importantly – when it comes to calm a sweet head, as well as some dirty tips to prevent a hangover in the first place.
And no, no one demands you to go to the total (if you do not want it is.)
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Clark's baking miss is missing

"The dog's hair"
The old women's or owners' story of doubling on a heavy night to drink even more drinks is not a good idea, according to Clark.
"It gives rise to a numbing effect, but all you do is to extend it inevitably, and it will likely make your back pain symptoms worse," he said 10 daily.
"Your body needs to process all the poisons you spent on uploading the night (or the day) before, and giving it additional amounts of alcohol just prolongs the schedule."
We will pass on Bloody Mary then.
Throw back some analgesics before they roll into bed after a big pub sesh sounds like a plan to avoid or at least soften the hangover in the AM but again it's wishful thinking. It can actually be harmful.
"While [Panadol] can help alleviate the symptoms of headache, acetaminophen can cause major destruction on your liver if taken while it is drunk, "said Clark.
The reason for this is that when your liver is busy metabolizing the alcohol you have consumed, that pain reliever treats it differently than it would otherwise do. As a result, toxic compounds produce which can cause inflammation and damage to the liver.
Clark warned that popping Panadol could potentially increase the risk of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract as it is already inflamed from the alcohol.
"My advice is if you not only have a killer headache, but you're better off avoiding Panadol and drinking a lot of water and getting some rest."
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A large, greasy fry
Keep bacon, hash browns, burgers and fried chicken, because unlike popular beliefs, a big fat grekie is not what you or your backstroke needs.
"A big fat meal will be harder for your stomach to melt," Clark told 10 daily.
Apparently, fried foods can irritate the intestines and cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and or cramps. No thanks.

Clark's hangover does

Choose for eggs
Okay, so a trip to Maccas is off the cards but Clark told 10 daily that you do not have to throw your dream of a hot and (little) fat breakfast out the window.
"There is some science behind the tradition of eggs the following morning. Eggs are rich in cysteine, an amino acid that scientists believe can break down acetaldehyde, a toxin produced when the liver is treating alcohol, which is also responsible for some back pain symptoms."
See the light
There is a smarter way to feed a hungry hangover. Easier foods like dry toast, boiled rice or pasta, plain yogurt or stewed fruit – plus lots of liquid – are all solid options.
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"Freshly squeezed juice is a great way to increase fluid intake as well as to give vitamin C, which can help the liver to flush the toxins from the alcohol", Clark's tips.
The fruit is filled with fructose – a special type of carb – which helps to naturally increase the body's energy, while high fiber content also helps your body break down and absorb the remains of the night's spirits.
Because alcohol can have a diuretic effect – it makes you do a lot – fruit will also restore the vitamins and nutrients that get lost on all your toilet trips.
Go bananas … and coconuts
Bananas are another champion backpacker, because they are high in potassium, which Clark explained is an electrolyte that is lost when we pinch some colds.
When talking about sipping, choose syringes containing electrolytes such as coconut water, Gatorade or even Hydralyte bags.
"[These] can be very beneficial to consume before going to bed or the next day, "said Clark.

Clark's hangover friendly menu

Here are some delicious meals that have Clark's favorite pastry-soothing ingredients.
A hell of distorted egg wrap with diced tomato, avocado, salsa and (optional) lean bacon.
Poached eggs on whole grain or multigrain toast, grilled tomato, spinach and avocado.
Protein banana smoothie consisting of protein powder (preferably pea-based), almond or coconut milk, banana (or other fruit of your choice), chia seeds.
Soup like miso or chicken.
Porridge made with almond milk topped with sliced ​​banana and chia seeds.
Chia pudding made with coconut milk or water.
Crushed avocado with feta and tomatoes – please add an egg – served on full grain or multigrain toast.
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Before you go boozin & # 39;

What happens if you can avoid hangover altogether? Well, that's not possible, but according to Clark, there are two things you can do before you meet the city.
A solid meal will cause your stomach to focus on slowing down the movement of food and fluid through your body so that digestion can occur. If you do not eat before drinking, the alcohol will generally absorb much faster blood flow.
"Go for fat and protein-laden foods to provide a nice long-burned meal to help regulate the absorption of alcohol" was Clark's tips.
Dehydration is the most common cause of a hangover and the key to avoiding one is drinking water (or coconut water) before you go out and drink while you are before you go to bed, says Clark.
All this said, it is important to note that we all absorb and metabolize alcohol at different rates, and there are many factors that contribute to the severity of a back pain.
Of course, nothing hinders a hangover like drinking responsibly or simply not drinking.
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