Friday , December 3 2021

Holiday gift gives goes "green"


Resists "green" reflexively the idea of ​​mechanization?

Trying to buy "green" toys is tricky for many people. Should it involve toys of sustainable harvested material, without color and preservatives? (Sometimes buyers are worried that they are the toy world's clever for you, but not very fun for everyone.)

Should they be toys and books that encourage children to think about the world around them and how they use resources? How do they engage in curiosity about the environment and perhaps subtly drives young people to reduce, reuse and recycle?

Do they have to be toys that prevent batteries and light and sound? Resists "green" reflexively the idea of ​​mechanization?

We say – there is no reason we can not include a little something for everyone on this list. There is no reason that education and environmental toys can not be very fun, often for the whole family.

Take a look at this list to expand your gift offering that offers alternatives to Christmas.

Stack attack

Djeco topanifarm

There are hours of fun in this seemingly simple toy. The elegantly decorated and numbered blocks serve as home for six cute little pets – the combinations are up to you. They enable three-dimensional play because they can be stacked up or laid out in different ways. When it's time to pack up, the blocks block inside each other, with enough space for the animals as well. $ 29.99 and up, specialty store toys

In the shadows

Moulin Roty shadow puppets

Let your children tell their own bedtime stories thanks to these wonderful shadows. The various sets cover super heroes, fairy tales, dinosaurs and even a trip to the circus if that's where your story takes you. Be extra good and maybe the real shadow puppet theater or pretending to be TV during the Christmas tree as well. $ 19.99 and upwards,

language Courses

Uncle Goose wood block

These precision cut blocks have multiple sides of fun, including patterns and colors and letters or words in several different languages. In addition to Braille and traditional ABC blocks, Uncle Goose offers Arabic, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Hindi, Russian and Persian options, to name just a few. Baby has never had so much fun to learn about the wide, wide world. $ 49.95 and up, toy dealers and baby shops

Rosie Revere rides again

Rosie Revere and Raucous Riveters: Questioneers Book # 1

The adventure is not over for Andrea Beaty's beloved heroine after Rosie Revere, an engineer. This time she uses her creative build talents to help her beloved aunt and calls in her friends Ada Twist (researcher) and Iggy Peck (architect) as well. Rosie continues through one failure after another, and we rot for her all the way. $ 10.34 and up, bookstores

Go-go green gadget

Super Solar Recycler

This toy stains a lot on the checklist. It encourages STEM skills development by children building six different projects. It encourages recycling using drinking cans to create a street roller or go robot, with an empty plastic bottle for a bottle boat, drum robot or fly bird or with an old compact disc – remember? – for a racer You are also out in the hook to include batteries – everything is completely sold. $ 27.95,

Fun with the sun

Just add Sun Kit

Most children probably think of the sun as a source of heat and / or light, but this rate also allows them to think about how powerful an energy source it can be. With the help of solar energy alone, this site allows you to make fun and nachos or melt crayons. The solar oven can also be used for art projects that include heat transfer, reflections and upcycling what others can consider debris. $ 39.95,

It's not garbage

Nancy Bs Science Club – Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit

This transparent twin-sided compost basket allows sprawling young researchers to carry out experiments about how long it takes to break down – or notice that some things are not broken down at all. They can also make observations of decomposition and how it may be beneficial. Talk about getting paid dirt. $ 34.95 and upwards, big toy dealers

The ants go marching in

Geosafari Day & # 39; N & # 39; Night Ant Farm

Learn how industrial ants can be with this moor farm. The manufacturer says thanks to the gel included in the kit, the ants do not require extra food or water. It also promises that the envelope is flameproof. If you choose to use color-changing LED function – perhaps to help create night and day illusion – 3 AA batteries are required. $ 34.95,

A rockin good time

National Geographic Geode Kit

Level up from picking up random stones on your walks through the great outdoors and consider breaking open some of these geodes. The inside reveals the sparkling treasure of a variety of minerals and rocks and can inspire a full blown obsession with geology. Getting the geodes open requires some patience and developing it is really a gift. $ 14.95 and upwards, big toy dealer

Diminutive doll domicile

Gluckskafer dockhus

Dollhouses has timely appeal for many children, but they can pick up very valuable floor space. That's what makes this wood version so appealing – all the pieces are seated nicely inside the main structure when the game time is over. The unprotected natural wood grain is beautiful to look and touch, leaving leaves open completely. $ 54.50 and up, specialty store toys


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