Monday , December 6 2021

Here is Razer's Xbox One keyboard and mouse combination


When Microsoft announced that keyboard and mouse support came to Xbox One, it also announced that green and black game hardware company Razer worked on something special for the console. This is the $ 250 Razer Turret Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo for the Xbox One.

Instead of designing something completely new, Razer upgraded its existing Turret Soff Keyboard / Mouse Combo for use on the Xbox One. The device, which is designed for a round or desktop use, has a mechanical Razer keyboard and the wireless Mamba mouse. A panel on the side of the keyboard device slides out to use lap. The one that Shebang connects via a single wireless dongle, and the keyboard has a special Xbox key to access the home menu. According to the official press release, the tower will go up to 40 hours on a single charge.

Desktop form go.

It's a nice little combo box, but man, the price. $ 250 is a lot to pay for a hardware combo that can only be exploited by a handful of platform games. Somebody out there must really love an Xbox One Fortnite or Vermintide to pick up the Razer Turret when it falls early next year. Then I'm someone who would like to release $ 300 on a check for agricultural Simulatorso what do I know?

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