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Guido Amsel to serve a death penalty in connection with bombing in July 2015


"Extremely calculated" and "executed by cold deliberation" – that's how a Winnipeg judge described the acts of sentenced bomber Guido Amsel as he was sentenced on Thursday afternoon, six months after being found guilty of attempting to be murdered.

The 52-year-old father and husband were sentenced by Judge Tracey Lord to prison without risk of parole for 17 years trying to kill his ex-wife two different times and two attorneys dealing with civil proceedings between ex-husbands.

"He not only showed a callous and venerable intention toward the specific goals of the units but also an inseparable look for the lives and security of others in society," said Lord to the court. "The events in July 2015 were a very public type of violence. Overall, they created several layers of risk. It is very aggravating."

Amel learned his fate in front of a packed gallery with a camera in the courtroom that was locked on the judge during the verdict.

Amsel was found guilty of this last May in four bills of attempt to murder for a December 2013 explosion outside his ex-homeside home and to send three explosive packages by mail in July 2015.

One of the bombs from 2015 blasted seriously harm Maria Mitousis – the lawyer representing Amsel's ex-wife in the civil case – who lost her right hand in the blast.

"Ms. Mitousi's life was changed in all respects of events on July 3, 2015," the Lord said to the court. "Her sense of personal safety and security, previously a given, is no longer believed."

"The physical impact of explosion has changed in many ways for Ms. Mitousis; the way she believes is about every awake moment."

In July 2015, explosives were also sent to George Orle, whose law firm represented Amsel and his ex-wife's car dealership.

The explosion of injured Mitousis put authorities and the public on high alert and the other two bombs were detected and interrupted safely by the police.

The 2013 explosion followed family procedures that ruled in favor of Amsel's ex-wife.

The post bombs sent in 2015 followed a solution in a financial dispute between the ex-spouses. Amsel would make a $ 40,000 payment to his ex-wife, but the payment was never made because of the explosion at Mitoui's office and the discovery of the other explosive packages.

The judge told the court Amsel has not shown any regret and has not considered any responsibility for his actions.

Instead, the Lord said that he tried to blame others who claimed corruption at all levels of the judiciary.

"His rehabilitation is doubtful in the best question".

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