Monday , September 23 2019
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Google Docs has now become the hottest Chat app for teenagers

An interesting article by Atlantic has highlighted how Google Docs has become the most popular chat for teenagers and school students. While more and more teachers are using Google Docs to do class collaboration exercises, students use it to organize ongoing conversations behind their backs.

"We don't really send any physical notes anymore," a 15-year-old student told the publication. He added that he uses Google Docs to chat about what time he needs to put his phone away but knows his friends will be on their computers. Sometimes they use the service's live chat function, which many teachers do not even know about.

If the project is not a collaboration, the children will only create a shared document where they chat line by line in what it looks like a paragraph text. "People will just create a new page and talk in different fonts so you know who is who.":

Chats via Google Docs not only fool the teacher; it also tricks the parents. When everyone logs in to do homework at night, Google Docs chats will live. Groups of children will all work together on a document, while their parents believe that they are working on a school project.

Children use Google Docs to talk about today's events in school, plan for prom, gossip, flirt and bully each other.

But while Google Docs chat can be the hottest communication tool for middle and high school students, most teenagers abandon it when they come to college.

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