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Four back-to-back satellite launches start today near the 2018 rocket launcher-Technology News, Firstpost


The year 2018 has seen just over a hundred launches around the world – the highest in a single year since 1990.

Now until the end of the year, the rocket launchers are at a party: four possible launches within 24 hours from Tuesday, December 18th. SpaceX, Arianespace, United Launch Alliance and ISRO launch later send up three satellites on four different continents during this time.

Here's more about each of the assignments and where to see them.

US Air Force GPS III satellite on Falcon 9

In the company's final launch this year, SpaceX has the need for the US Air Force to launch a new generation of GPS satellites that are more accurate than existing ones.

The Air Force ordered a brand new Falcon 9 rocket for this first launch with SpaceX, as the mission requires that there is no landing attempt after satellite launch.

However, if the Air Force is pleased with the new partnership, they may consider using reusable boosters for future missions to save money, the Air Force Commander said, according to Space News.

"When we work through this first flight together, we look at the results, make all calculations and analyzes so that we can continue looking for opportunities in the future," he quoted.

The launch, scheduled for 7.41 pm IST, will start streaming live on SpaceXs Youtube channel around 7 pm IST.

French CSO-1 satellite on Soyuz rocket

Arianespace will end this year's launches with a Russian-made Soyuz rocket launching a Earth Observation Satellite to orbit from Guyas Space Center in South America.

The satellite, called CSO-1, is intended to expand the French government's defense and security applications.

The mission marks the 20th launch of a Soyuz booster rocket from European Spaceport since an arrangement made between Arianespace and the Russian government in 2011, to deliver Russian booster launchers when the agency was in need of a medium-sized launch car for its own launches.

The launch, scheduled for 06.07 IST, will stream live on Arianespace Youtube channel.

Classified spy satellite launched on Delta IV heavy rocket

The launch will be closed with the United Launch Alliance launch of a classified US spying satellite for the US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

The mission, called NROL-71, was driven from its first try of the week in the last seconds before liftoff after computers discovered a problem after the launch sequence had begun.

It will now have its second attempt on Wednesday at 7.27 am IST (8.57 pm ET) in a Delta IV Heavy launch from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. But weather conditions may not be launching around this time, a report in ArsTechnina said.

The launch will be broadcast live on the United Launch Alliance Youtube channel starts 7 in the morning Wednesday morning.

India's military communications satellite GSAT-7A on GSLV-F11

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch India's newest military communications satellite GSAT-7A for the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Army on Wednesday.

GSAT-7A is expected to provide new and improved communication capabilities to IAF, and in various ways. The Will allow crosslinks between different ground radar stations, flight bases and warning systems (AWACS). The satellite will also increase the air force's capacity for network-based warfare, which soon increases its ability to function globally.

The military communications satellite GSAT-7A with its solar panel opened. Image with permission: ISRO

The military communications satellite GSAT-7A with its solar panel opened. Image with permission: ISRO

It is also expected to make great efforts to drone operations in the Indian military by helping Navy reduce its dependence on ground-based control stations, switching to satellite-controlled unmanned airplanes (UAV), offering better supply and endurance, experts told Business Standard.

The satellite will be launched on ISRO's GSLV-F11 rocket from the agency's launch field at Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota.

The launch is scheduled for 4,10 pm IST on Wednesday, and will be streamed live on DD National s Youtube channel and ISRO's wesbite.

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