Friday , December 3 2021

Fortnite update v7.10 delayed, will be released without Driftboard


Epic Games has just announced a delay that affects Fortnite update version 7.10. According to the company, it discovered an error at the last moment that it will not be able to fix before the update drops early in the morning. As a result, Fortnite Players should not expect to get the update at 5 AM ET, which was the originally selected release time.

Epic usually plans its Fortnite updates for the early hours when less people play, which was the plan for version 7.10. The company did not reveal what kind of bug it discovered, and said only that it was found "within the building", which forced it to delay the update.

Company did not provide a time frame for the expected update and just says it will give users a new date and date of release in the future. Just prior to the disclosure of the bumped drip time, Epic also said that a planned inclusion will be moved to another future patch.

In addition to the v7.10 bug, Epic has delayed the Driftboard release scheduled for tomorrow's (now earlier) update. According to the company, it decided to delay this update to make "the final quality of life changes" and other unspecified improvements. However, the second balance and quality of life planned for 7.10 remain.

The update will follow soon after Epic chose to remove his new Infinity Blade weapon, a sword that gave primitive play to the battle Royale Island. Although the sword was fun to use, it was greatly overthrown, resulting in the destruction of a large number of opponents who had little chance of survival.

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