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Ford will not use extreme GT versions for WEC hypercar – Multimatic – WEC

Ford will not use its GT as the basis for an entry into the World Endurance Championship hypercar class, according to multimatic motorsport manager Larry Holt.

GT made its WEC debut in 2016 as part of a four-year agreement between Ford Performance and Multimatic to run the factory-based program.

This deal expired after last month's Le Mans 24 Hours, although Multimatic – who developed and built the road and race GT – is trying to continue the car in a more private capacity.

On the first day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the two companies presented a GT MkII track's only variant but excluded using it as the basis for a scheduled access to the hypercar class.

Holt told Autosport: "No, the new car has not been completed [the hypercar class] in mind at all.

"Ford did his business for four years, they've done what they said they would do.

"Do they see what they want to do next? Yes, they are.

"GT would be the closest to a GTE plus car, but it's not the way [the ACO] has gone.

"They've gone to hypercar rules. It's not a hypercar.

Although Holt excludes the use of the GT, he said that Ford was still looking to join Aston Martin and Toyota in 2020/21 for the opening season of the hypercar rules.

"There is nothing in MKII [that points to a hypercar future]But Ford looks at everything.

"They are in a position now where they are investigating."

But Holt was convinced that if Ford got into the class, it would return to Multimatic with which it won the GTE Pro class in Le Mans in 2016 and said "we are in the hip".

With over 700 bhp and further downforce, Holt said the disclosure of the MkII GT was instead the "ultimate expression" of the GT that had been held due to the limitations of the performance balance.

"GT is much less compromised than most super cars, but it's still somewhat compromised," he told Autosport.

"Then we go racing with it and a punter would say it's the ultimate version.

"But it's not because you have BoP. It's not the ultimate way to show the GT, it's the opposite.

"You champion a [Chevrolet] Corvette, [Aston Martin] Vantage, the [Ferrari] 488 and [BMW] M8.

"You basically have donkey and giraffe racing."

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